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OPTICOMM boosts performance for RGB with single-fiber solution

14 July 2003 San Diego, CA Lightwave-- OPTICOMM Corp., a supplier of fiber-optic transmitter and receiver systems, introduced the RGB-4000 for high-resolution digital video. Created for plasma screens, projectors, theaters and stadiums, the RGB-4000 system combines VGA H/V video, audio, and data over one fiber, providing high-resolution video up to 1600x1200 and eliminating the need for multiple fiber handling.

The RGB-4000 single-fiber system is more efficient than current video solutions that require up to 6 fibers to carry color, sync, audio, keyboard, mouse and data information, according to the company. The system carries all of this over a single fiber and is compatible with all common RGB techniques.

The RGB-4000 transmits video, audio, and data across singlemode or multimode fiber, at wavelengths of 850/1300 nm and 1300/1550 nm respectively. The distances achieved with multimode fiber are up to 1.5 km, while singlemode fiber can transmit up to 25 km.

The system is digital, eliminating the distortion and degradation that can occur with analog transmissions. With precise color management, the digital signal can be used directly or through a video matrix switch. The audio is CD-quality across one stereo channel. Applications for the RGB-4000 include: plasma display screens, military C3 and C41 systems, air traffic control, trading floors, LCD/DLP projectors, CAD/CAM, hazardous area touch screens, theaters and stadiums.

With the additional need for transmission security and reliability, fiber optics is the premier choice. With the proliferation of video, audio, and data information, a low bit-error rate is imperative. These needs are addressed by the RGB 400 product line, which is designed to:
• Transmit clear digital signals up to 40 km, without repeaters.
• Offer image stability unaffected by attenuation and noise.
• Increase security with no known methods of "tapping" into the signal without immediate detection.
• Offers compatibility with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and standard video signals.
• Uses thin, durable fiber-optic cable, which is far superior to bulky, heavy copper cable.
• Supports EMI and RFI immunity.

Privately owned, Opticomm's products are currently deployed throughout various government and commercial sectors.

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