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Sunrise Telecom adds jitter and wander analysis to SunSet SDH handheld platform

September 15, 2004 San Jose, CA -- Sunrise Telecom Inc., provider of service verification equipment for telecommunications and cable TV networks, today announced the addition of jitter, wander, and pulse mask analysis to its handheld SunSet SDH platform.

With these new advanced functions, the SunSet SDH improves the process of troubleshooting physical layer transmission problems and strengthens its position as the most powerful handheld platform for installing and maintaining SDH networks and services from 1.5/2 Mbits/sec up to 2.5 Gbits/sec, assert company representatives.

"Unlike other jitter test solutions, the SunSet SDH offers this application as an add-on feature to the widely used SunSet SDH platform, making it extremely cost-effective," notes Ildefonso Polo, director of product marketing for Sunrise Telecom's Core and Transport group. "And with performance rivaling that of its more expensive, bulky lab counterparts, the SunSet SDH can offer an attractive price, handheld size, and multiple applications without trade-offs. Jitter and wander also open the door to new markets we have not yet addressed."

Jitter, a change in clock frequency, is a natural and inevitable occurrence in telecommunications networks; however, excessive jitter can lead to transmission errors and deterioration in network quality. The SunSet SDH's jitter option enables network engineers to minimize the negative effects of jitter by detecting synchronization problems. Network operators must perform jitter measurements to ensure the performance quality of SDH/PDH links delivered to enterprise customers, and long-distance carriers use the test to verify interconnection with local carriers.

The SunSet SDH simplifies this complex measurement with automatic pass/fail indications, according to ITU-T O.171 and O.172 standards for jitter and wander measuring equipment. The jitter measurement can run in parallel with BER testing, resulting in more efficient testing for faster installations and problem resolution. Its jitter generation covers a range of amplitudes and frequencies, allowing the user to verify that the network element's input tolerance conforms to standards. Combined with pointer test sequences, the SunSet SDH is ideal for installation, troubleshooting, and acceptance testing.

Like jitter, wander is another common timing problem that can degrade network quality. The SunSet SDH contains a full set of measurement capabilities to measure wander parameters during installation and routine network maintenance. ITU-T standards-compliant TIE/MTIE measurements and analysis monitor the presence of wander in the network and verify that wander doesn't exceed prescribed limits.

Pulse mask analysis for PDH circuits complements the jitter/wander analysis by verifying signal quality. The SunSet SDH's pulse mask analysis, with its pass/fail reference templates, can easily detect physical layer problems during installation and troubleshooting of the tributary inputs to SDH networks or PDH networks.

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