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Micrel launches 4.25-Gbit/sec, 6.4-Gbit/sec backplane, cable management platforms

July 13, 2005 San Jose, CA -- Micrel, a provider of analog, high-bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC platforms, recently launched its new family of backplane management platforms. The SY58620L and SY58621L are DC-to-4.25-Gbit/sec integrated transceivers (receiver and transmitter) and the SY58626L and SY58627L are a DC-to-6.4Gbit/sec dedicated transmitter and receiver, respectively, with equalization and pre-emphasis. The ICs are aimed at Gigabit Ethernet, Infiniband, 1x and 4x Fiber Channel, and SONET/SDH serial Backplane or cable applications between 125 Mbit/sec and 6.4Gbit/sec.

"Micrel's new transceiver backplane and cable management solutions provide a new level of integration for serial applications with the inclusion of a receiver, a transmitter, internal termination, and loopback capability in a small, 4-mm x 4-mm footprint," contends Thomas S. Wong, vice president of high bandwidth products for Micrel. "Additionally, the SY58626L is the industry's first transmitter to provide individual control of pre-emphasis magnitude and duration to optimize pre-emphasis levels for a given application."

According to the company, the SY58620/1L transceivers guarantee AC performance up to 4.25 Gbit/sec over the full industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and 3.3V +/-10% supply voltage range, while saving board space and component count by offering an integrated loopback mode for system diagnostics. The SY58620L transmitter features a programmable, differential CML compatible output with a programmable swing range between 100 mV and 400 mV with 50-ohm internal source termination to minimize round trip reflections. The SY58621L transmitter output is differential LVPECL-compatible with a programmable swing range from 100 mV to 800 mV. The receiver for both devices accept any differential, AC-coupled input signal down to 10 mV (20 mVp-p), and provides a Loss of Signal (LOS) alarm when the input signal is invalid. Both parts are offered in a 4-mm x 4-mm footprint, 24-pin MLF (QFN) package.

The SY58626L transmitter and SY58627L receiver feature a distinctive input stage that accepts AC- or DC-coupled input signals. Both devices offer guaranteed throughput from DC-to-6.4Gbit/sec. The SY58626L transmitter includes a new programmable pre-emphasis feature; the pre-emphasis magnitude and duration are both programmed individually to optimize the emphasis level for many different transmission lines, data rates and backplane applications. The output is CML-compatible with 50-ohm internal source termination and a programmable swing between 100 mV and 1.5 Vpk (3Vp-p). The SY58627L receiver accepts a degraded, differential input signal as low as 10 mV and recovers the signal with an equalizer front-end. The equalizer is programmed in four discrete levels that correspond to typical FR4 transmission lengths between 9- and 36-inches. Both parts come in a 5-mm x 5-mm footprint, 32-pin MLF (QFN) package.

All products will be available for sampling in July 2005, with volume production in August 2005. Pricing starts at starts at $5.76 for 1K quantities for the SY58620L and SY58621L transceivers, and $7.40 for 1K quantities for the SY58626L transmitter and SY58627L receiver.

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