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CIP launches HyBoard hybrid photonic integration platform at ECOC '08

SEPTEMBER 8, 2008 -- CIP Technologies (search for CIP Technologies) today announced the official launch of its HyBoard hybrid Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) platform. The launch will feature a live demonstration of a multi-channel DWDM laser module producing 16 independent wavelengths on a 50-GHz grid at the company's booth (#263) at ECOC 2008.

According to CIP, the hybrid integration platform enables systems integrators to offer high performance, highly functional, custom PICs at telecom production volumes and competitive cost points. The platform provides assembly and form factor advantages over traditional multiple gold box solutions and delivers a degree of flexibility, performance, and functionality that is not possible with full monolithic integration, say CIP representatives.

"The CIP HyBoard is designed for volume manufacture and can deliver bespoke, truly scalable and cost-effective PICs, optimized to the end-user's requirements at realistic yields, as well as permitting a wide range of integrated optical functionality," reports CIP vice president of hybrid integration Graeme Maxwell. "HyBoard provides the advantages of reduced assembly cost and footprint reduction over discretes, but without the yield and performance challenges of full monolithic integration; this is a game-changing technology that offers all systems integrators a proven and available route to develop and deliver sophisticated custom PICs that are complementary to their own architectures," he contends.

CIP believes that recent consolidations and joint venture announcements within the optical components industry confirm that hybrid integration is being taken seriously as a route to next-generation integrated photonic modules.

Both the markets and the systems integrators recognize the advantages of photonic integration, say company representatives, but are agnostic about what type of integration is used as long as the device meets performance and price targets.

"HyBoard leverages our long experience of research, process development and manufacturing, and our extensive IPR portfolio to deliver a customizable, scalable, and cost-effective offering to the telecoms industry for customer-driven commercial applications," Maxwell adds.

ECOC demonstration

The flexibility of the CIP HyBoard photonic integration platform will be presented in a live demonstration of a proof-of-concept multi-channel DWDM laser module producing 16 independent wavelengths on a 50-GHz grid.

This prototype multi-wavelength laser source incorporates multiple Indium Phosphide (InP) optoelectronic device arrays aligned to silica planar waveguides and other passive optical elements, including an AWG located on the optical motherboard. The 16 lasers within the multi-wavelength source can each provide >0 dBm output power and are individually addressable to enable channel power control and switching.

This particular module, aimed at WDM-PON head ends and metro WDM, is one variant of the range of compact, cost-effective hybrid integrated designs now available to systems integrators that can be realized with HyBoard, says the company.

"The HyBoard price point and value proposition offers a route for systems integrators to gain access to sophisticated integrated photonics technology and start addressing the growing gap between traffic growth and revenue," reports CIP CTO David Smith. "CIP has developed a range of building blocks including semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) arrays, lasers, and modulators, all designed to integrate within the HyBoard platform, providing a new and highly versatile capability to the system designer in core, metro, and access applications."

HyBoard brings together three main elements: InP active/passive optoelectronic device arrays, single-mode planar silica waveguides, and micromachined silica submounts. These are then cost-effectively combined, as required, to create a hybrid integrated PIC with low optical losses, explains the company. HyBoard can be extended to accommodate optical isolators, thin film filters, and polarization elements, as well as customizable channel spacings and a range of different active/passive component arrays, including tunables.

CIP is working with commercial customers to realize integrated, bespoke, and application-specific HyBoard modules.

CIP Technologies

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