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PLP'S FIBERLIGN CLAS storage bracket simplifies installation

DECEMBER 10, 2008 -- Preformed Line Products (search for PLP) today introduced the FIBERLIGN Center-Lock Aerial Slack (CLAS) Storage bracket for in-span cable storage.  

The "Center-Lock Hinge" allows the bracket halves to swing open, rest onto the main cable, and close into storage position (a butterfly motion), thus eliminating excess attachment components and metal fasteners, explains the company. Heavy-duty cable straps simplify attachment to the main cable and simultaneously lock the bracket while securing slack cable. Consequently, preparation time to build the center connection is eliminated, installation time is reduced, and no tools are required, report PLP representatives.

The FIBERLIGN CLAS Storage bracket provides in-span storage for ADSS cables up to 1-in (25 mm) in diameter. Expansion tabs allow 20-in (508-mm) maximum loop diameter storage and multi-cable storage for butt splice applications. The CLAS bracket halves can be separated at the center-lock hinge for efficient storage.

Kits can be configured to include economical abrasion protection for ADSS cable passing the pole or a Uni-Group Cable Guide (UCG) to guide cable within a confined low profile pole space between communication and power lines.  

Other features of the FIBERLIGN CLAS Storage include:
• Center-Lock hinge design with long hinges to distribute load along cable interface;
• Heavy-duty UV resistant straps to replace conventional metal fasteners;
• Dual-purpose apertures to secure cable and lock the bracket;
• Expansion tabs that capture high fiber count cables and butt splice applications;
• Abrasion protector for economical pole pass;
• Uni-Group Cable Guide (UCG) for limited pole space applications; and
• Safe all dielectric materials with superior system life.

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The “Center-Lock Hinge” allows the bracket halves to swing open, rest onto the main cable, and close into storage position (a butterfly motion).

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