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NetQuest unveils NIC adapters

FEBRUARY 24, 2009 -- NetQuest Corp. (search Lightwave for NetQuest) has announced its PINNICLE family of network interface card (NIC) adapters. Composed of two high-speed WAN/LAN NICs, branded as Alta and Tahoe, the family off-loads and reprocesses traffic destined for monitoring platforms for more efficient use by the host. Each member of the family is designed to operate at its specified full line rate with zero packet loss on all network layers. This factor makes PINNICLE NICs an excellent choice for mission critical applications such as intrusion detection, performance monitoring, and interception, according to the company.

NetQuest says its PINNICLE NICs accelerate development time for system developers, enabling R&D resources to be focused on application-layer functionality. Through a single integration effort, made simple by easy-to-use drivers and the flexibility of PCI-X or PCI bus architectures, developers can easily deploy PINNICLE in their networks. Once installed, the products can be managed through a single interface, the company adds.

PINNICLE NICs also expand the addressable market opportunities for system developers by providing access to a wide variety of networks, protocols, and line speeds, NeQuest asserts. Currently, NetQuest offers NICs that support PoS, ATM, TDM, and Ethernet networks on line speeds ranging from T1/E1 to OC-12/STM-1.

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