EXFO adds WDM-Aware technology to its optical spectrum analyzers

EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF) has added WDM-Aware testing capabilities to its FTB-5240S/B-P optical spectrum analyzers (OSA), together with additional features such as referencing, on-graph peak detection level, and SCPI commands. These new fiber-optic testing capabilities will help network operators address some of their biggest challenges, such as reducing opex, removing the uncertainty of test results, and testing right the first time, the company claims.

WDM-Aware is designed to improve testing of next-generation optical networks based on ROADMs and complex modulation formats. In a modern system deploying different data rates and channel sizes, the characteristics of each wavelength are unique, and so standard optical signal to noise (OSNR) tests need to be optimized for each channel, says EXFO. 

The FTB-5240S/B-P OSA’s WDM-Aware function offers the "i-in-band" mode, which provides intelligent setups, optimized on a per-channel basis, to deliver accurate test results. EXFO claims that WDM-Aware is the most accurate and adaptive in-band method on the market.

Meanwhile, EXFO also says the latest FTB-5240S/B-P software update helps to clearly differentiate noise from signals and analyzes only what deserves to be analyzed. With the on-graph peak detection threshold line, there are no longer any false peak analyses or overlooked low-power peaks, making the FTB-5240S/B-P a powerful analysis tool that delivers extremely reliable results, the company asserts.

Further, a deployed system ages over time and will continue to change during its life span. EXFO’s FTB-5240S/B-P OSA now has built-in referencing in WDM mode, which allows operators to see the original trace display—what it is today and what has changed—to improve network assessment.

Finally, the FTB-5240S/B-P OSA enables remote access to enable 24/7 testing, lab simulations, and remote control. The latest SCPI command feature allows the stop-and-start of any kind of operation and the ability to configure the OSA remotely.

For more information on field test equipment and suppliers, visit the Lightwave Buyer’s Guide.

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