StockerYale is introducing two new erbium-doped fibres. The EDF-980-T1 features a high numerical aperture and low bend loss, making it suitable for EDFA applications that require tight fibre coils. The reduced clad EDF-RC-980-T1 is specifically designed for use in low cost, small-form-factor EDFAs. Booth 56

Kyocera will demonstrate three products. The 40Gbit/s package is for photo-diode modules, laser-diode modules, and laser diodes. Its 10Gbit/s OptoFlat Package (above) is aimed at high-speed data communication. And its ClamShell Package is a multi-fibre hermetic package for VOAs, AWGs, optical amplifiers and optical Switches. Booth 78B

3M is showing its new polishing film for MT-style fibre-optic connectors. This helps users to meet consistently geometry and fibre height requirements in an MT connector polishing operation. Precisely-graded mineral particles coated on a fibrous backing enable users to generate fibre protrusion and attain the proper ferrule geometry. Booth 14B

PLLB Elettronica is demonstrating its Fibersafe Platform, a solution that supports and integrates different approaches to network monitoring. PLLB says it forms the basis on which different products and functions can be developed; MetroSafe, FiberCheck (above) and FiberQuality are the first systems supported. Booth 19E

AMS Technologies´ Fibre-optic division is presenting its dynamic gain equalisers, amplifiers, high-speed receivers, transmitters, integrated components, switches and mux/demux technology. And its Optotech division is presenting optical fibres, laser diode- and TEC-drivers, Si-detectors, diffraction optics and aspherical lenses. Booth 109

Micron Optics' next-generation Optical Channel Analyser is based on its core trueTalon technology for high-performance optical network monitoring of DWDM and ultra-long-haul systems. Booth 10

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