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OFC/NFOEC Reporter's Notebook, Day 2

By Stephen Hardy

Yes, we all decided to show up at the Convention Center in LA on Wednesday despite what's going on in the stock market. (For more on that, see the story I just posted.)

Things besides the stock market that were seen or discussed on the show floor:

  • Ixia has stockpiled a nice supply of cash and is going shopping, a source at the company told me. Any ideas?
  • Speaking of test companies, Optametra has added 3D constellation analysis to its optical modulation analyzer. Yes, I'm talking put on the glasses and watch that Poincaire sphere bulge in your direction kind of 3D. And, yes, they report they're getting phone calls from field equipment manufacturers wanting to talk about how carriers are going to test 100G deployments.
  • DWDM supplier Optelian is using modules from someone other than JDSU for its newly announced use of tunable XFPs. I got the impression that they're not coming from Emcore, either, despite the fact that the two companies have worked together in the past. Their other options would include at least Finisar, Fujitsu, Sumitomo, and Oclaro, based on what's on display in the exhibit area.
  • Avago is talking up other uses for the optical modules it has developed for LightPeak/Thunderbolt. Active optical cables for USB 2.0 and 3.0 applications, as well as HDMI cables, are some potential products in consumer applications for the device. Despite the fact that Apple is using an electrical version of the technology, Avago remains confident that we'll see the optical version of Thunderbolt employed in the near future.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks plans to add colorless and directionless ROADM capabilities to the hiT 7300 and 7500 via a new release slated for release this month. Meanwhile, 100G capabilities will be ready for customer trials in the June timeframe. And, yes, they're still working with Cisco/CoreOptics.
  • Infinera has its eyes on conventional ROADM capabilities, as well as MPLS-TP features for its DTN platforms. The ROADM function would be useful for ingress/egress applications.
  • Remember MEMS-based optical switches? Calient hopes you'll be less likely to picture big, bulky platforms with a rat's nest of cabling once it debuts its MEMS-based subsystems. The company is targeting colorless/directionless ROADM and data center applications. But it still expects to find use for its 1080x1080 matrix capabilties.
  • [UPDATED] Finisar has a demonstration of a 100GBase-LR4 CFP in its booth. The module leverages DFB  lasers and should be sampling the latter part of this year and in full production in the first half of next year. So reasonably priced 4x25G 100G module will be available sooner than "some people" -- that means you, Google -- think, the company's Rafik Ward told me.
  • NeoPhotonics also is looking at CFPs, as well as QSFPs. The company expects to have a 4x10G CFP by the middle of this year, with a 4x25G version on the roadmap.
  • Oclaro is very close to having its coherent 40G module ready. The holdup is the electronics from ClariPhy, which should be available "very soon," according to Terry Unter, who oversaw work on the module (as well as everything else) at Mintera before Oclaro purchased the company. Despite the delay, the relationship between Oclaro and ClariPhy is still good, Unter emphasized.

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