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MultiPhy presents its case

By Stephen Hardy

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation surrounding the several startups targeting the 40- and 100-Gbps market. One of them, Israel's MultiPhy, has finally given us something concrete to talk about by populating its website at

According to the website, MultiPhy will concentrate on CMOS-based ICs for both coherent and direct detect applications. Tools in the MultiPhy kit include maximum likelihood sequence estimation expertise (the same technology CoreOptics leveraged to attract Cisco's attention) and what it termed "one sample per symbol architectures."

The upcoming devices include:

  • the MP1040D and MP1100Q, soft-decision mixed-signal ADC-DSP-based devices designed to replace “hard-decision” de-mux/CDR in direct detection applications
  • the MP2040C and MP2100C, mixed signal coherent transceiver chips that add coherent-detection-specific algorithms to some of the building blocks of the MP1040D and MP1100Q.

There's a lot more detail on the site about the first two chips than the last two, which implies we'll probably see those devices on the market first. Roy Rubenstein of Gazettabyte, who visited the company recently and wrote about the experience on his blog, got the same impression from his conversations with MultiPhy CEO Avi Shabtai and Director of Product Management Ronen Weinberg.


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