| JULY 14-16, 2014


What a fiber optic company does behind the scenes is often as important as a new product announcement. Here you’ll find fiber optic company announcements of partnerships, personnel changes, facility expansion (and contraction), and more. You’ll also find comment on such fiber optic company events.


Colin Doherty new president and CEO of optical packet transport vendor BTI Systems

Optical transport systems and cloud networking vendor BTI Systems has named Colin Doherty it...

Bookham founder resurfaces at Rockley Photonics

Dr. Andrew Rickman, who previously founded Bookham Technology in the UK – now Oclaro, Inc. (...

Padtec invests in ClariPhy, partners for coherent systems development

Padtec S.A., a Brazilian optical transport systems vendor, and communications system on a ch...

UTStarcom inks partnership with DASAN Networks at OFC 2014

UTStarcom (NASDAQ: UTSI) says it reached an agreement last week at OFC 2014 in San Francisco...

Syringa Networks supports bandwidth growth with ADVA FSP 3000

ADVA Optical Networking (FSE: ADV) reports that Syringa Networks has deployed the ADVA FSP 3...

AFL settles fusion splicer lawsuit with SurplusEQ.com

AFL, a company wholly owned by Fujikura Ltd., is claiming victory in its lawsuit against Sur...

Optical burst switch developer Intune Networks in receivership

Irish optical transport and switching technology developer Intune Networks last month entere...

UAE firm invests in Sea Fibre Networks

Sea Fibre Networks (SFN), which owns and operates the CeltixConnect submarine network that r...

ITC issues split decision on Avago patent fight with Mellanox

Avago Technologies (NASDAQ:AVGO) says it has won a significant victory in its ongoing patent...

BT infringed on ASSIA DSL patent rules UK High Court

DSL technology provider ASSIA Inc. says it has convinced the High Court of Justice in London...


The Lightwave Blog

Stephen Hardy

by Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

OFC 2014 Reporter's Notebook - Day 3

March 16, 2014
All right, so I didn't really write this on the third day of the show. But here's what happened that day. We'll start with what I teased in the pre...

The Lightwave Guest Blog

Jim Theodoras

by Jim Theodoras
ADVA Optical Networking

The security of networks and the role optical can play in it

April 2, 2014
Fiber optics has traditionally been viewed as a more secure way to transmit information than other alternatives. Copper wire can be tapped or monitored for electromagnetic emissions, and wireless can be intercepted rather easily. So it was somewhat surprising when recent revelations in the press revealed wide-scale tapping of fiber-optic trunk lines between data centers. It turns out tapping fiber is muc...

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