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Education in optical communications takes a variety of forms and comes from many sources. Training classes are an obvious way to keep abreast of new standards and practices. Associations often see education of their memberships as an important part of their mandates. Regardless of the educational source, keeping up with the latest standards is crucial to success.


G.fast 'a giant step away from DSL' says Broadband Forum CEO

G.fast, the latest specification set for copper-based broadband access delivery, will play a...

ORION trials 400G optical network with Alcatel-Lucent

The 400G field trials are coming thick and fast. The latest was carried out by Ontario Resea...

MOREnet deploys coherent 100 Gbps via Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500

The Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), which has been serving the network ca...

Pan Dacom deploys Optelian 100G optical transport platform in German R&E network

Optelian says that German optical transmission technology provider Pan Dacom is deploying Op...

FTTH Council Asia-Pacific endorses Light Brigade for FTTx training

Light Brigade, the education and training division of AFL, says that the FTTH Council Asia-P...

400 Gigabit Ethernet Task Force ready to get to work

The effort to create specifications for 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400GbE) has reached a major mi...

Efforts toward 25 Gigabit Ethernet specs stall at IEEE plenary

As described in a Lightwave webcast March 25, major data center operators and their technolo...

Light Brigade, NIFOT join for fiber-optic training in India

Light Brigade, the education and training division of AFL, has partnered with NeST Institute...

Merit Network deploys direct detect 100G technology from ADVA Optical Networking

Optical transport systems vendor ADVA Optical Networking says that Merit Network, which supp...

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2014 FTTH Conference & Expo

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 23, 2014 - June 25, 2014

Lightwave Optical Innovation Summit

Renaissance Austin Hotel
Austin, TX
July 14, 2014 - July 16, 2014


The Lightwave Blog

Stephen Hardy

by Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

OFC 2014 Reporter's Notebook - Day 3

March 16, 2014
All right, so I didn't really write this on the third day of the show. But here's what happened that day. We'll start with what I teased in the pre...

The Lightwave Guest Blog

Jim Theodoras

by Jim Theodoras
ADVA Optical Networking

The security of networks and the role optical can play in it

April 2, 2014
Fiber optics has traditionally been viewed as a more secure way to transmit information than other alternatives. Copper wire can be tapped or monitored for electromagnetic emissions, and wireless can be intercepted rather easily. So it was somewhat surprising when recent revelations in the press revealed wide-scale tapping of fiber-optic trunk lines between data centers. It turns out tapping fiber is muc...

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