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Lightwave Transceiver/Transponder Buyer Survey

Lightwave's 2010 Transceiver/Transponder Buyer Survey

This Buyer Survey published by Lightwave, the leading media brand serving the optical communications industry, provides the only detailed assessment of purchasing plans and buying criteria of technology developers, carriers and end users involved in transceiver/transponder purchasing decisions.

The survey was conducted across an extensive list of purchase influencers who validated their involvement in purchasing decisions for transceivers and transponders. It includes a comprehensive overview of their:

  • buying patterns
  • 2011 investment plans by technology type
  • factors that influence vendor selection and loyalty,
  • and which vendors they prefer and plan to purchase from in 2011.

This unique look at transceiver purchasing trends is suited for professionals who:

  • buy network equipment,
  • buy transceivers for use in network equipment,
  • or design transceivers into the systems or subsystems they build.

Transceiver/Transponder vendors assessed:

ADVA Optical Networking Emcore NEC FiberOptech Siemens
Alcatel-Lucent Ericsson NeoPhotonics Source Photonics
APAC Opto Electronics Finisar Nokia Siemens Networks Stratos International
Applied Optoelectronics Fujitsu O-Net Communications Sumitomo
Avago Technologies Huawei Oclaro Tyco Electronics
Ciena JDSU OE Solutions Wuhan Telecommunication Devices
Cisco Mitsubishi Electric Oplink WXZTE
Civcom MRV Communications Opnext
Delta Electronics NEC Optoway

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Executive Summary:
Lightwave surveyed  individuals that were most likely to either purchase or influence the purchase of optical transceivers and transponders. The survey was conducted over approximately two months. From the responses, we selected only those from recipients who confirmed that they are involved in the transceiver/transponder purchasing decision.
These recipients represent three main demographics: technology developers, carriers, and end users. The technology developers work on a variety of products, with DWDM equipment, optical switches, Active Ethernet access network equipment, amplifiers, and metro transmission equipment among the most commonly developed at their places of business.
Respondents generally spend less than $10 million a year on transceivers and transponders. Of these, Ethernet modules are by far the most prevalent, both in terms of the types of devices that respondents said they intend to buy and the percentage of the total module spending budget devoted to them. Not surprisingly, given the relative immaturity of the technology, demand for transceivers and transponders that support transmission rates greater than 10 Gbps is modest, respondents indicate.
Cost was the most frequently mentioned factor when deciding to purchase transceivers and transponders; reliability, performance, the availability of a second source and customer service also contribute significantly to the buying decision. Regardless of how it’s reached, however, that decision is not cast in stone; only 27.5% of respondents said they either probably or definitely won’t change module suppliers over a given application's lifetime. Respondents from Asia-Pacific were significantly more likely to switch vendors than buyers in other parts of the world.
The brand recognition a particular company enjoys depends greatly on whether one considers the respondent community as a whole or just the technology developer demographic. In either case, potential customers reported they don’t believe they know the product lines of specific companies very well. When asked to evaluate a list of suppliers as either "Top Tier," "Middle Tier" or "Bottom Tier" respondents tended to put most companies in the middle. However, certain companies do enjoy something near overall "Top-Tier" status. Data on respondents’ current module suppliers and vendors short-listed through 2011 also were collected.


  • Executive summary
  • Methodology
  • Respondent demographics
    • Purchasing Trends
  • Transceiver/transponder buying patterns
  • Vendor Selection and Customer Loyalty
    • Factors that influence vendor selection and customer loyalty
    • How buyers perceive specific suppliers

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