Optical components include lasers, splitters, multiplexers, switches, photodetectors and other receiver types, silicon optical benches, and other building blocks of fiber optic communications modules, line cards, and systems. You’ll find new product announcements and tutorial information on this page.



KeyFibre touts virtues of mechanical splices

08/04/2014 Spanish fiber-optic network connectivity technology vendor KeyFibre asserts that mechanical splic...

VI Systems patents 40-Gbps VCSEL

07/24/2014 Optical components specialist VI Systems GmbH says it has received a Notice of Allowance for a U....

Funding innovation remains a challenge

07/17/2014 Delivering the necessary innovation for optical communications applications is one thing. Paying ...

US Conec offers singlemode pre-angled MT ferrule

07/09/2014 Fiber-optic connection specialist US Conec has unveiled singlemode pre-angled thermoplastic MT fe...

Reflex Photonics adds SNAP12, POP4 parallel optical modules

07/08/2014 Reflex Photonics, a developer of high-speed, parallel-channel optical components and modules, has...

2014 Lightwave Innovation Awards

06/20/2014 This year marks the start of the Lightwave Innovation Awards, an optical communications technolog...

Optic2Connect unveils silicon photonics optical modulator design software

06/06/2014 Singapore-based company Optic2Connect Pte Ltd. (O2C) says its new optical design software simplif...

Rockley Photonics looks to leverage silicon photonics at the systems level

05/06/2014 Startup Rockley Photonics will leverage silicon photonics to create systems-level products, co-fo...

Worldwide use of fiber-optic circulators to hit $244.5M says ElectroniCast

05/06/2014 ElectroniCast Consultants says the worldwide use of fiber-optic circulators in optical communicat...

GigOptix says silicon photonics order imminent for joint venture

05/02/2014 In a press statement announcing his company’s first quarter numbers, GigOptix Inc. (NYSE MKT: GIG...

Fox Electronics offers LVDS version of XpressO-ULTRA oscillator

04/14/2014 Fox Electronics, an IDT company, says it now offers an LVDS version of its XpressO-ULTRA oscillat...

Lightwave Logic licenses Corning organic electro-optical materials technology


Bookham founder resurfaces at Rockley Photonics

04/08/2014 Dr. Andrew Rickman, who previously founded Bookham Technology in the UK – now Oclaro, Inc. (NASDA...

DiCon Fiberoptics offers MEMS network tunable filter for 100-GHz applications

04/01/2014 DiCon Fiberoptics Inc. has unveiled a compact 100-GHz network tunable filter able to select one c...

EMCORE releases DOCSIS 3.1 laser module

03/27/2014 EMCORE Corp. (NASDAQ: EMKR) has released the 1752A 1550-nm DOCSIS 3.1 DWDM distributed feedback (...

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2014 Lightwave Innovation Awards

We invited technology developers to submit products for review by our independent panel of judges.

Bend matters, Part 2: Microbending in optical fibers

Optical power loss is a significant determinant of network performance. Loss can come from a vari...

Bend matters, Part 1: A look at macrobending

Wherever optical fiber is deployed, from transoceanic links to the final drop to the residential ...

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M/A-COM Technology Solutions

Company Description:  MACOM is a leading provider of high performance analog semiconductor solutions for us...

Discovery Semiconductors Inc

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InG...

Centellax Inc

  Centellax, Established in 2001, is a leading supplier of high-speed analog semiconductor products for 40G...

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MAOM-003405 is a quad channel 32 Gbps modulator driver IC

meets the stringent CFP2 input voltage requirements, while the single-ended output voltage of up to 6.5Vpp is id...

MATA-03803A - transimpedance amplifier

32 Gbps Dual-Channel Differential Input Linear TIA with AGC for 100G PM-QPSK Rx

MAOM-003404 is a quad channel 32 Gbps differential modulator driver IC

for 100G coherent transponders in CFP and CFP2 form factors. Lowest Power Dissipation Quad-Channel Differential...




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by Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

We feel pretty

Wed Jul 02 15:30:00 CDT 2014
So, yeah, we’ve redesigned the website. Most of the changes are cosmetic, but there is at least one significant new innovation. The cosmetic touches should be readily apparent. First and foremost you’ll notice that, after varying pronouncements to the contrary in many corners of the fashion, design, and TV worlds, black is i...
Jim Theodoras

by Arlon Martin
Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

Overcoming the alphabet soup of form factors with 100G QSFP28

Wed Aug 06 16:00:00 CDT 2014
When the IEEE finished the first 100G standard for Ethernet networks, the transceiver industry launched an alphabet soup of form factors. The CFP emerged first, "C" for 100, and FP for "Form factor, Pluggable." Like the early versions of 10G transceivers, the CFP was huge. When compared to the mo...

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The applications for which 100 Gbps is needed continue to grow. Meanwhile, plans are already being made for what comes next. These articles look at what’s on the high-speed network horizon.



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