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Electronic devices play an important role in optical communications systems. Modulators, laser and modulator drivers, serializers/deserializers (SerDes), PHYs, MACs, multiplexers/demultiplexers, transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), and similar devices are the subject of the stories you’ll find on this page.



Vitesse offers SDN/NFV-enabled Carrier Ethernet IC

12/18/2014 Communications semiconductor supplier Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: VTSS) has unveiled an ...

Broadcom unveils 40G/50G PAM-4 physical layer chip

12/18/2014 Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ: BRCM) has introduced what it claims is the industry's first high-speed fo...

Broadcom adds carrier features to SDN platform

12/11/2014 Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ: BRCM) has released version 2.0 of its next-generation OpenFlow Data Plane...

Industry veterans back Silicon Catalyst semiconductor startup incubator

12/11/2014 Silicon Catalyst has launched what the group says is the industry's first incubator for semicondu... chip vendor Sckipio Technologies closes Series B funding

12/08/2014 Sckipio Technologies, a startup focused on provision of modem chipsets, celebrated the rec...

VI Systems offers 12x25G parallel optical test boards

11/25/2014 VI Systems GmbH has introduced its second generation of 12-channel parallel optical transmitter a...

Broadcom debuts end-to-end offering

10/22/2014 Communications semiconductor vendor Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ: BRCM) has unveiled a chipset f... chipsets from Sckipio Technologies debut

10/08/2014 Communications semiconductor startup Sckipio Technologies has boosted the rush to with the...

Lantiq intros 300-Mbps capable FTTdp chipset

10/02/2014 Broadband access and home networking semiconductor vendor Lantiq has announced commercial availab...

NEL sampling second-generation 20-nm coherent DSP

09/22/2014 NTT Electronics (NEL) says that its long-awaited follow-on to the merchant DSP ASIC used widely i...

ClariPhy 200G coherent DSP chip reaches production

09/22/2014 Communications IC supplier ClariPhy has solidified its lead in second-generation merchant DSP dev...

MoSys offers LineSpeed low-power 100G full-duplex retimer IC for SFF modules, line cards

09/15/2014 Communications semiconductor supplier MoSys (NASDAQ: MOSY) has debuted the MSH110 LineSpeed 100G ...

Ikanos, Sumitomo Electric team for Japanese broadband

09/15/2014 Communications IC developer Ikanos Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: IKAN) says that it will supply i...

Microsemi to snap up Centellax

09/11/2014 Semiconductor supplier Microsemi Corp. (NASDAQ: MSCC) says it has reached an agreement to acquire...

TeraXion unveils packaged InP IQ modulator at ECOC 2014

09/11/2014 Optoelectronic components and modules supplier TeraXion Inc. has introduced its first-generation ...

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Stephen Hardy

by Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

Watch for silicon photonics on the line side

Thu Oct 23 15:04:00 CDT 2014
Most of the hullabaloo around silicon photonics has centered on its application to data center networks. But presentations and announcements at last month’s ECOC in Cannes, France, indicate the technology will play on the line side as well. For example, Acacia Communications used the show to further publicize its use of sili...
Jim Theodoras

by Ward Williams

Forget about the labels

Mon Nov 03 15:04:00 CST 2014
In the luxury and fashion world, we could argue that brand names and labels are important. But in our world, the optical network world, donning a brand-named fiber-optic component is not mission critical. Purchasing behavior is—as it should be—based on quality, price, and service. A ProLabs survey, which was conduc...


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