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Digging deep: The secrets behind successful fiber-optic project management

By Allen Powell, S&N Communications -- This article will focus on what actions you, as a municipality or project manager, can take to ensure a successful fiber-optics installation project. Spec...

Surviving disasters with fast shared mesh protection

A new class of network resiliency technology, called Shared Mesh Protection, is emerging to take advantage of this architectural shift and deliver more reliable networks at lower cost.

2014 Lightwave Innovation Awards

We invited technology developers to submit products for review by our independent panel of judges.

Optical transport vendors prep for SDN

The Open Networking Foundation is still prepping its vision of how software-defined networking could apply to optical networks. But that hasn't stopped technology developers from offering their own...

Building a data-center network with optimal performance and economy

East-west flows are dominating data-center traffic, but optical circuit switching with new controller technology can deliver significant improvements in performance.

400 Gigabit Ethernet for the ages

The process to create the specifications for 400 Gigabit Ethernet has begun. But there are many factors, technical and otherwise, that will come into play.

Monitoring fiber access links

Access link monitoring can bring new reliability to optical access networks, unlocking a variety of new services.

Cable's shift to wired fronthaul acquisition now makes sense

By Thomas Wahlund, Net Insight -- The evolution of technology can now offer cable MSOs new tools to better use their core assets and provide more robust and cost-effective services that enable them...

From embryonic to tectonic: SDN and the path toward industry transformation

The advent of cloud-based services and applications means networks must become more efficient, agile, and scalable. Software-defined networking offers a means to achieve these goals.

Choosing an optimal FTTH architecture

Making the right choice requires weighing the benefits of different architectures against the business requirements of your FTTH network.

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