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Software-defined access and aggregation networks

An industry shift toward software-based capabilities and concepts has gathered significant momentum in recent years. In carrier networks, software-defined access and aggregation networks offer an e...

Transforming metro-network economics

To optimize metro architectures, you need to know your Layer C from your Layer T.

Open networks will be the key to meeting future requirements.

With game-changing applications that include cloud computing, mobility, video, and Big Data requiring support of non-stop - and costly - bandwidth demands, cloud and service providers are driving t...

Optical IQ modulators for coherent 100G and beyond

Indium phosphide can overcome the limitations of LiNbO3, opening the door to the performance tomorrow's coherent transmission systems will require.

Movin' on up

Sometimes, when you've lived in the ancient family home all your life, it takes a while to realize when it's time to move out. Your family bought this place before you were born, and it seems like ...

Optical express offers a path to a cost-efficient and agile transport network

Facilitating cost-effective and efficient network growth requires taking a fresh approach to transport networks. Recent innovations in "optical express" capabilities for transport network...

A dozen speeds in the Ethernet roadmap

If you knew Ethernet in early 2014 and took a year-long nap like Rip Van Winkle, you might not recognize Ethernet in early 2015. In early 2014, Ethernet consisted of six speeds (10M, 100M, 1G, 10G,...

Is serial 100G ready for 400 Gigabit Ethernet standardization?

The task force wrestles with whether it should focus on the present or the future.

Accelerating SDN and NFV performance

The benefits of analysis acceleration are well known. But should such appliances be virtualized?

SDN test issues a virtual certainty

The advent of software-defined networking promises new test challenges. But it may also portend more flexible test instruments.

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