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Summit Broadband selects iPhotonix ONTs with RF return capabilities

April 29, 2013

iPhotonix LLC, says it has been selected by Summit Broadband, an Orlando-based private cable operator, to supply its iVolve series of optical network terminal (ONTs) for the operator’s FTTx deployments. iPhotonix’s iVolve series of ONTs include GPON integrated RF return capabilities. The integrated RF return supports two-way communication between video headends and consumer devices, which enables the service provider to offer interactive services such as video on demand.

Ikanos touts 110 Mbps via Velocity-3 NodeScale Vectoring VDSL chipset

April 26, 2013

Communicatons semiconductor supplier Ikanos Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: IKAN) says that it has demonstrated VDSL-based transmission of 110 Mbps up to 500 m across 192 ports using its Velocity-3 NodeScale Vectoring VDSL chipset. The company says it also has tallied its first design win for the chipset.

KeyFibre offers KeyQuick MS201 mechanical splice

April 23, 2013

Spanish mechanical splicing technology developer KeyFibre has unveiled the KeyQuick MS201 Mechanical Splice. The splice features a proprietary flat cleave design that provides similar performance to angled cleaves at a lower cost.

Orange launches own FTTH network in Spain

April 22, 2013

Orange Spain says it has completed its first fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment project and has launched the fiber-based services for the general public in the La Vaguada district of Madrid.

Huawei unveils embedded OTDR prototype with high split ratio

April 22, 2013

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. says it has developed an embedded optical time domain reflectometer (eOTDR) prototype with what the company claims is an industry leading split ratio of up to 1:64. Using emulation tests on live networks, the company has demonstrated that this prototype can accurately locate faults to within 5 m, meaning that eOTDR technology is ready for commercial use on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) passive optical networks (PONs).

Google offers to buy iProvo FTTH network

April 18, 2013

Google and Provo, UT, Mayor John Curtis have revealed that Google has offered to buy the troubled iProvo fiber to the home (FTTH) network. The Provo city council will vote on the proposed sale Tuesday, April 23. If the sale is approved, Google hopes to begin serving at least some existing customers late this year.

All Systems Broadband touts high-density fiber shelf

April 18, 2013

All Systems Broadband, Inc. has announced the general availability of its 4RU high-density shelf for fiber-optic networks. The shelf’s design provides flexibility and high-density in a small amount of rack space. The shelf also facilitates a clear migration path from current to future technology, minimizing wasted investment, the company asserts.

Calix offers E3-48C for FTTN applications

April 16, 2013

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has unveiled the Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA) Powered E3-48C sealed Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN). Part of the company’s Unified Access portfolio, the E3-48C is for fiber to the node (FTTN) applications that leverage existing copper infrastructure.

Energie Wasser Bern taps Keymile for Swiss FTTH deployment

April 11, 2013

Utility Energie Wasser Bern will use the MileGate multiservice access platform from KEYMILE in a fiber to the home (FTTH) deployment in Bern, Switzerland.

BT fiber-optic network passes 15 million premises

April 10, 2013

BT says it has now passed 15 million homes with the fiber-optic network it uses to support broadband services delivery via fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) infrastructure. This figure represents more than half of the homes and businesses within the UK, BT asserts.

AT&T: We’ll do 1 Gbps in Austin too – maybe

April 9, 2013

Having watched Kansas City, KS, welcome Google with open arms, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has decided not to take lying down Google’s announcement that it will bring its 1-Gbps Google Fiber service to another AT&T market, Austin, TX. The U.S. Tier 1 carrier said it too would provide 1-Gbps services in Austin – provided a few conditions are met.

Google Fiber coming to Austin

April 9, 2013

After nearly a week of speculation, Google confirmed the worst-kept secret in fiber to the home (FTTH): that it will bring its symmetrical 1-Gbps Google Fiber offering to Austin, TX.

United Fiber chooses Entone FusionTV for FTTH network

April 9, 2013

United Services, Inc., a subsidiary of United Electric Cooperative (UECI), has selected FusionTV platforms from Entone, Inc. to help supply video services in rural Missouri under its “United Fiber” brand via fiber to the home (FTTH).

Interplanet offers fiber business services via Calix E7-2

April 9, 2013

Interplanet, a communications service provider in northern Italy, has deployed the Calix (NYSE: CALX) E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) in a fiber-optic network designed to support business services in the Verona region.

Alcatel-Lucent trials VDSL2 vectoring with China Telecom, Tunisie Telecom

April 8, 2013

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext and NYSE: ALU) has announced a pair of field trials for its VDSL2 vectoring technology (see “Alcatel-Lucent announces Zero Touch Vectoring for VDSL2 broadband”). One, with China Telecom, is touted as the first such trial in China. The other was with Tunisie Telecom.

Leviton Opt-X HD Enclosure System improves fiber density

April 5, 2013

Leviton has unveiled the Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosure System, designed to increase fiber density by as much as 50% within the same rack space. A member of the company’s Opt-X line of fiber optic connectivity products, the system includes high-density enclosures, MTP cassettes, and adapter plates.

Legrand and Superior Essex link for nCompass cabling line

April 4, 2013

One good cabling alliance apparently deserves another. On the heels of the announcement that Berk-Tek and Leviton have decided to join forces (see “Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies alliance targets high-performance networks”), fellow cabling and connectivity suppliers Legrand and Superior Essex Communications LP say they too will combine forces. The two companies will jointly address the international structured cabling systems (SCS) market though a new brand, called nCompass.

FTTH drives opex savings reports FTTH Council study

April 4, 2013

While Verizon has long touted operational expenditure (opex) savings as a rationale for its FiOS fiber to the home (FTTH) deployments, smaller carriers also have seen similar benefits, according to a recent study by RVA LLC for the Fiber to the Home Council Americas. Small and medium-sized carriers in North America say they’ve seen an average opex savings of 20.4% annually, the study reports.

One day only: Google unveils fiber-to-the-pole in Kansas City

April 1, 2013

Need some bandwidth on the go? Google Fiber said today it is offering its subscribers in Kansas City, KS, the ability to hook into its fiber-to-the-home network (FTTH) from stations attached to the utility poles on which it has strung fiber cable. Google called it “fiber to the pole.” Of course, today is April Fool's Day, so it is a limited-time offer.

AFL brings Fujikura 70S fusion splicer to North America

March 28, 2013

AFL has introduced North America to the Fujikura 70S fusion splicer, which it says it the second of five new products that will be introduced this year. The 70S shares many features with the existing FSM-60S model fusion splicer, but offers much faster splicing in the field and new easy-to-use features, the company claims.

Three collaborate for FTTH training in Singapore

March 27, 2013

Fiber-optic training specialist The Light Brigade, a division of AFL, will collaborate with Singapore’s Fujikura Asia and The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West to create a fiber-optic resource center at the college. The center will offer training materials on fiber optics as well as a showcase devoted to fiber to the home (FTTH). Combined with industrial placement at Fujikura Asia, the center will allow students at ITE to gain knowledge and skills relevant to the fiber-optics industry.

Infonetics: 2012 best year ever for broadband CPE

March 26, 2013

UTEL completes deliveries for Pau's FTTH network retrofit

March 26, 2013

United Technologists Europe Ltd. (UTEL) says it has completed the design, manufacture, and delivery of equipment to retrofit the fiber to the home (FTTH) network in the 14 districts of the city of Pau, France. The network serves more than 55,000 customers and 140 sites through a combination of point-to-point and GPON topologies.

Corning combines improved attenuation and bend performance in new SM28 Ultra fiber

March 20, 2013

Corning Inc. has released the latest addition to its family of singlemode optical fibers, Corning SMF-28 Ultra fiber. The fiber and cable maker says the new, premium singlemode optical fiber is the first in the market to combine the benefits of very low attenuation and improved macrobend performance in the same fiber (see “Bend matters, Part 1: A look at macrobending”).

Vodafone, Orange partner for FTTH in Spain

March 14, 2013

Vodafone Spain and Orange have agreed to co-invest in deploying fiber to the home (FTTH) networks in Spain. The resulting fiber-optic networks will reach 6 million premises in 50 cities by September 2017 at a price of €1 billion, the carriers assert.