| JULY 14-16, 2014
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Emerging 100G applications and technologies

It’s clear that the deployment of 100-Gbps technology is well underway. But that doesn’t mean that developments have stopped. These articles illustrate ...
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New opportunities for PON

Passive optical network (PON) technology has established a strong foothold in telco networks. Now with the attention given to Google as well as the open...
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Fiber support of small cells

As mobile network operators move to small cell architectures, the demands for both traditional mobile backhaul and emerging mobile fronthaul become more...
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Fiber in harsh environments

Fiber is sometimes thought of as a physically fragile medium. But recent advances have overcome previous limitations, opening the door for harsh environ...
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Fttx: a look ahead

Fiber to the home (FTTH) has proven its value as the most future-proof method of providing broadband services. But challenges remain before it becomes t...
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Advances in optical design testing

Demands for support of 100 Gbps data rates in smaller packages have challenged technology developers’ creativity. Optical communications engineers have ...

Passive optical LANs bring fiber to the desktop economically

A growing number of enterprises have discovered the benefits of using passive optical LANs to meet the high-bandwidth needs of their network users. Base...
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The Expanding World of Data Centers

Data center requirements have grown increasingly complex, requiring new technology that operates at higher speeds. Whether it’s servers, storage, or the...
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What’s new in FTTH?

With broadband access demands increasing, fiber to the home (FTTH) technology is improving to meet operator requirements. Recent advances promise to mak...

Coherent 100 Gbps: The Basics

Want to get up to speed on multi-level modulation formats and coherent detection? These articles describe how coherent transmission differs from traditi...

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Featured Podcasts - 100G at OFC 2014

100G at OFC 2014 Wrap Up

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The 100G market and the prospects for coherent modules

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Direct detect transmission at 100G and beyond

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100G in the metro

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The evolution of the 100G market

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Stephen Hardy

by Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher, Lightwave

OFC 2014 Reporter's Notebook - Day 3

Sun Mar 16 22:15:00 CDT 2014
All right, so I didn't really write this on the third day of the show. But here's what happened that day. We'll start with what I teased in the previous blog -- JDSU's stance on pluggable coherent transceivers. As suspected, the com...

The Lightwave Guest Blog

Jim Theodoras

by Jim Theodoras
ADVA Optical Networking

The security of networks and the role optical can play in it

Wed Apr 02 15:04:00 CDT 2014
Fiber optics has traditionally been viewed as a more secure way to transmit information than other alternatives. Copper wire can be tapped or monitored for electromagnetic emissions, and wireless can be intercepted rather easily. So it was somewhat surprising when recent revelations in the press revealed wide-scale tapping of fiber-optic trunk lines between data centers. It turns out tapping fiber is muc...

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