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1201lwshow_fraunhofer 34 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
The world’s fastest programmable arbitrary waveform generator allows you to create output signals with conversion rates of up to 34 GSa/s and a resolution of 6 bits. Multiple units are synchronizable to fit your application.

1201lwshow_u2t Analog 60 GHz Receiver
u2t’s APRV is an analog receiver optimized for the use in general purpose analog applications, requiring highly linear operation and high rf-output power. It is optimized for sub-band operation between 57 and 65 GHz.

1201lwshow_sanwa SC auto shutter connector/adapter
SC Auto-Shutter Connector/Adapter offers perfect-fit to in-house application. Both shutters on connector and adapter are open automatically when the connector is inserted and closed when the connector is being extracted from the adapter.

1201lwshow_bristol Optical Wavelength Meters
Optical wavelength meters precisely characterize the wavelength of DWDM lasers. Multi-wavelength meters measure wavelength, power, and OSNR of DWDM signals. High accuracy and reliability achieve the most meaningful test results.

Rev2 Micro-Polisher Rev2 Micro-Polisher
Rev2 automates connector air-polishing using a “micro-feed” feature that gradually lowers the ferrule to the polishing surface at a controlled rate. This provides superior control for fiber-denub and epoxy removal.