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Where Does Transport SDN Stand?

Date 06/11/2015 Overview

Transport software-defined networking (SDN) promises to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, cost savings, and service enablement. But when? Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy provides an update on the current status of Transport SDN. He'll review the major players, the implementation strategies carriers have embarked upon, and what this all means for optical networks.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by JDSU.


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What's New in High-Speed Networking

Live on 05/13/2015 Overview

In long-haul, metro, and data center fiber-optic networks, keeping up with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands is the name of the game. Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy will review the current state of technology for supporting data rates at 100 Gbps and more. He'll also predict what we'll see in the way of technology and deployment trends over the next few years.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by JDSU, Anritsu, and MACOM.


Troubleshooting Coherent Optical Communication Systems

Live on 04/22/2015 Overview

In this webcast, sponsored by Keysight Technologies, you will learn  troubleshooting techniques in Coherent Optical Communications with measurements of EVM, I-Q Skew, eye diagram, BER and more using Keysight's new M8195A Arbitrary Waveform Generator.


OFC 2015 Wrap-Up

Live on 04/08/2015 Overview


Join Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy as he reviews the highlights of this year's OFC. He'll bring you his takes on all the major announcements, trends, conference topics, and perhaps a little bit of gossip. Expect to hear what's new in coherent transmission, metro networks, data center technology, SDN/NFV, and more.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by JDSU.



Lightwave Live: Metro Networks and the Cloud

Live on 04/01/2015 Overview

In this edition of the Lightwave Live webcast series, Editorial Director Stephen Hardy focuses on the March/April 2015 issue. He'll highlight a pair of articles that delve into the latest metro trends as well as techniques to support cloud-based services. Topics include new approaches to metro network architectures as well as the application of software-defined networking (SDN) concepts.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by AFL, JDSU, and MACOM.


Data Center Dynamics

Live on 03/10/2015 Overview

Network requirements both within  data centers and between them have attracted significant attention. Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy will examine current optical communications requirements within the data center, and also look at the booming data center interconnectivity market. Both application areas are seeing significant innovation, as this webcast will detail.

This event is sponsored by JDSU.


Lightwave Live: SDN & Test, Serial 100G

Live on 02/25/2015 Overview

The first Lightwave Live webcast of 2015 sees Editorial Director Stephen Hardy taking a deeper dive into a pair of articles he's written for the January/February 2015 issue. First, he looks at how the evolution toward transport software-defined networks (SDN) will affect test and measurement requirements as well as the test instruments themselves. He explore how one tests a virtual function, as well as whether we can expect to see "white box" test instruments. Next, Stephen will describe the current debate raging within the 400 Gigabit Ethernet Task Force regarding whether serial 100G technology is mature enough to be included in the standard. The outcome of this debate will affect several Ethernet specs beyond 400G.


Education in Fiber Optics

Live on 02/18/2015 Overview

Anyone who works in the fields related to optical communications has developed both their knowledge and their skills in order to be more productive in their job.  This session addresses the role of education and training in the fiber optics industry and what to look for when selecting a training program.


Equipment Design Trends for 2015

Live on 02/11/2015 Overview

Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy will review these optical network requirements and what they mean for designers of optical communications technology. He will then discuss how developers at the component, subsystem, and system level have begun to respond to these requests, and predicts what optical communications design trends the industry is likely to see in 2015. As part of this discussion, he'll also highlight what he believes will be the main topics of conversation at OFC/NFOEC 2015 in Los Angeles.

This event is sponsored by JDSU.


Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Links

Live on 01/21/2015 Overview

Troubleshooting fiber-optic systems should be performed in logical steps. This session will show you a logical sequence to follow in order to effectively locate and resolve problems in both proactive and reactive restorations, including key elements and equipment. The content shows the common OTDR signatures that indicate breaks or mechanical stresses, which help to quickly determine the location of a fault. Examples will be given for initial acceptance testing, span testing, splice transit, and receive optical power levels, along with a discussion of the role that proper documentation plays in any successful maintenance and restoration plan.