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Upcoming Webcasts

Isolating, Testing, and Troubleshooting FTTx Drops in the Last Mile

Date 11/18/2015 Overview

As FTTx installations continue to increase, optical fiber failures close to the subscriber will continue to increase.   This webcast, presented by The Light Brigade, will address the challenges for both Passive Optical Networks (PON) and active Ethernet installations and learning how to segment the physical plant for quick and easy troubleshooting by using basic fiber optic test equipment.


Measurement Approaches That Enable PAM4 to Meet Emerging Requirements in Data Communications Beyond 100Gb/sec

Date 10/29/2015 Overview

Designing and developing 100G (or 28G or 56G) components, modules and systems requires the latest tools and techniques. Watch this webcast, which covers:

  • The differences between PAM and NRZ
  • The challenges with PAM signaling
  • Recommended methodologies for validating PAM signals
  • Transmitter and receiver test tools and techniques

Join us for this webcast sponsored by Tektronix.


Realizing More Services and Revenue Over PON

Date 10/19/2015 Overview

New technologies and equipment innovations are presenting opportunities for generating additional revenue streams from an existing passive optical network (PON) architecture. This session, sponsored by CommScope, will explore strategies for incorporating devices such as distributed antenna systems (DAS), HD security cameras, WiFi, small cells and more to existing PON architectures.


Introducing Keysight’s New AWG for Optical and High Speed Digital Test

Date 10/08/2015 Overview

Learn what makes Keysight’s new AWG the generator of choice whether you need to generate multicarrier signals such as DMT, multilevel signals such as 64 GBaud PAM-4, or complex modulated signals.


On Demand

ECOC 2015 Wrap-up

Live on 10/07/2015 Overview

The optical communications community will gather September 27-October 1 in Valencia, Spain for ECOC 2015. Can't make it? Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy will report on the major announcements, points of discussion, gossip, application trends, and more in this one-hour webcast, sponsored by Anritsu.



Fundamentals of Wavelength Dependent Optical Component Testing

Live on 09/29/2015 Overview

This webcast will highlight swept wavelength measurement techniques for characterizing optical components. The measurements we discuss are relevant to a range of optical components including:   attenuators, add/drop filters, multiplexer/demultiplexers, wavelength selective switches, and also optical detectors.  During the course of this webcast, we will:

  • Review steps to ensure accurate measurement results and highlight important instrument considerations for setting up a swept wavelength measurement system.
  • Present a range of setups to perform fast multichannel measurements of insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL), and return loss (RL) for passive optical components.
  • Demonstrate how to measure the wavelength and polarization dependent responsivity of an integrated optical detector.

The goal of the webcast is to provide test engineers with key measurement considerations for performing swept wavelength optical measurements.


Achieving Accurate Jitter Tolerance Testing

Live on 09/21/2015 Overview

Data centers are seeing explosive growth in traffic due to the rapid spread of cloud computing and new high-speed communications standards, such as InfiniBand EDR, 32G Fibre Channel and 100GbE with others being examined as solutions to handle increasing server and network processing speeds as well as communications speeds between equipment. Jitter Tolerance is a key index for evaluating the receiver characteristics of PHY devices, such as SERDES, used by these high-speed serial communications.


Technician Disciplines for the Future

Live on 09/16/2015 Overview

New technologies bring with them new challenges.  This webcast, presented by The Light Brigade, will focus on the roles that fiber optic technicians will need to address in the future and the reasons for these increased and enhanced roles.  

Attenuation, dispersion, and reflection measurements will continue to be the primary focus, but how they will be performed? And the wavelengths and the test equipment that will be used will continue to evolve.


Streamlining Photonic Integrated Circuit Development

Live on 09/15/2015 Overview

Especially with the advent of 100G and beyond, there is growing demand for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Whereas earlier on, the trend was to produce PICs in-house, this approach is too expensive. Today the PICs are increasingly produced using outside service providers for either foundry, packaging, or design software. This is actually rather similar to electronic ICs.

The purpose of the webinar is to show in detail how PICs can be made leveraging the maturing ecosystem of PIC service providers. The combining factor in the PIC ecosystem is the use of multi-project wafers (MPW) as well as the use of process design kits (PDK). By using MPWs plus PDKs, the cost of and barrier to producing PICs has been greatly reduced. 

Please join us for this webcast from 7 Pennies Consulting powered by PhoeniX, Mentor Graphics, Lumerical Solutions, Chiral Photonics, Bright Photonics, VLC Photonics. IMEC / Europractice, CEA-LETI, and LioniX.


The Evolution of Ethernet

Live on 09/09/2015 Overview

Ethernet continues to evolve for both data center and carrier requirements. This webcast will review several Ethernet initiatives within the IEEE as well as the network requirements that have shaped them.