'Industry-friendly' rate for European fibre conference

"Europe's fibre-optics market has arrived at a critical juncture. To remain competitive in 2003, you need a strategy based on solid market understanding.".So says Kurt Ruderman, organiser of the 7th Annual Conference on Fibre-optics Markets in Europe, taking place in Paris, between 15–16 May.

Networking research company KMI Research is offering the "partner pricing program" to conference attendees. While many research companies are cancelling their conference programs, KMI Research will be reducing its attendance prices by more than 25% this year (to USD1395).

Speakers include senior experts from the likes of France Télécom, Cisco, Ciena, Level3, Telecom Italia, Telia, Corning, Alcatel, Nexans, Fastweb, and AB Stokab.

More information is available at www.kmiresearch.com or Tel. +1 401 243 8100; Fax 401 351 0564. E-mail kurtruderman@wanadoo.fr Tel. +33 1 43 21 93 72.

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