2.2 Micron, Uncooled, InGaAs Photodiodes and Balanced Photoreceivers up to 25 GHz Bandwidth

We report lattice-mismatched, uncooled, 2.2 μm wavelength cutoff, InGaAs photodiodes and balanced photoreceivers
with bandwidth up to 25 GHz. The responsivity at 2.05 μm is 1.2 A/W, and the 1 dB compression, optical current
handling of these photodiodes is 10 mA at 7 V reverse bias. Such high current handling capacity allows these
photodiodes to operate with a higher DC local oscillator (LO) power, thus, allowing more coherent gain and shot noise
limited operation. The impulse response of these devices show rise time / fall time of ~15 ps, and full width half
maximum of ~20 ps.