December 3rd webcast: How ISP adopt next-gen technology to enhance enterprise networking and cloud experience - SD-WAN, 5G, IoT

Dec 3rd, 2019

This webcast was originally aired on December 3, 2019
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Webcast Description:
SD-WAN, 5G, IoT - they mark the next evolution of telecom industry. How do ISPs adopt these new technologies to improve network performance and help enterprise on succeed in digital transformation? In this webinar, we'll discuss our perspective of how ISPs are preparing for the upcoming telecom era, and share our insight of integrating these new technologies into ISP's backbone infrastructure to bring a frictionless cloud experience.

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Zhuo Liu
Senior Network Construction and Maintenance Manager

Zhuo Liu is a Telecommunication and Data communications professional with over 10 years of industry experience. His background includes expertise in telecom carrier level IP/Data Network Engineering and Operation, Routing and Switches, SD-WAN and Network Security.

Currently, Zhuo works as a lead network architect at CMI, where he manages CMI’s global network construction and operation. He is also a key contributor to CMI’s SD-WAN product development, and has given numerous sales training webinars events.  

Xander Wu
Senior Business Development Manager

Xander Wu is Senior Business Development Manager of CMI USA, where he oversees go-to-market for CMI's Cloud Connect and SD-WAN products and partnership with large cloud service providers.

Xander has 13 years' experience in global 4G and 5G industry, with track record of innovating in high performance and availability for IP/MPLS network, establishing de-facto standard for world's largest 4G network, and launching leading-edge 5G platform.

He graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he researched and promoted Industrial IoT for vertical industries. He also mentors startups and professionals, helping them find product/market fit and tailor go-to-market strategy.


Stephen Hardy
Editorial Director and Associate Publisher

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