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TE Connectivity launches QUAREO to provide total network visibility, security from data center to the desktop

TE Connectivity, a provider of network communications, unveiled its patented QUAREO connection point technology, providing the ability to electronically trace, monitor, and authenticate every connection from the data center to the desktop.

QUAREO connectors’ advanced chip technology features “connection point identification” that records the real-time status of each fiber and copper connection point and its entire cabling pathway into a global database for access by upstream network management systems. The QUAREO end-to-end network ecosystem manages configuration, information security, change management, physical security, asset management, performance, IT service continuity, risk management, and disaster recovery.

“The ability to query, view, and manage Layer 1 in a manner that is integrated with current network management policies has not been possible with existing network management solutions that can only monitor, control, and secure Layers 2 through 7,” says Stephen Mitchell, senior vice president and general manager of TE’s Enterprise Networks business. “QUAREO technology shatters the barrier between Layer 1 and Layer 2, enables new, innovative applications, and helps reduce network operating expense.”

“The name QUAREO is based on a Latin term meaning ‘to see or to know’ and that is what QUAREO technology provides. For the first time ever, users can have total visibility, security, and control throughout the entire managed network, including the physical layer of the network, Layer 1,” Mitchell adds. “Network managers no longer will depend on frequently outdated documentation or guess work when it comes to the physical layer--now they will know.”

From an installation and maintenance perspective, QUAREO technology eliminates the need to manually “tone” or “tag” millions of miles of cables from large data centers to users’ desktops, saving man-hours. “Today, if a cable or connector somewhere throughout the network goes bad, technicians have to manually trace handmade tags or labels on the cables to track it throughout an entire network before it can be replaced,” explains Mitchell. “Or they might run a tone or light through individual cables just to try to find the cable or connector that needs to be repaired or replaced. Our QUAREO family of products eliminates this entire side of the equation.

“The number one fear of network managers is downtime in their data centers,” Mitchell continues. “Nearly 60 percent of unplanned network downtime occurs in the physical layer, and 70 percent of network failures are the result of network cabling. The QUAREO technology helps prevents both from happening.”

Mitchell says QUAREO technology enables every connection to be uniquely identified and to communicate with the rest of the network. “The result is the collection of valuable network data that enables real-time monitoring, topology mapping and problem solving from the data center all the way to the desktop,” he reveals. “In the end, the network is more secure and available, allowing managers to drive out cost and enhance service.”

TE Connectivity will feature the QUAREO product family at the INTEROP Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 10 through 12, 2011 in booth #1959.


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