IP wireless mobile broadband system deployed for AtlasONE's network in Malaysia

8 August 2003 Malmesbury, UK Lightwave Europe--As part of the USD 180 million deal signed by AtlasOne and Thales today, IPWireless' Mobile Broadband system has been selected by AtlasONE for its national broadband wireless network in Malaysia.

8 August 2003 Malmesbury, UK--As part of the USD 180 million deal signed by AtlasONE and Thales today, IPWireless's Mobile Broadband system has been selected by AtlasONE for its national broadband wireless network in Malaysia.

The announcement comes after successful trial services coordinated by IPWireless' strategic partner Thales, marking another commercial deployment for IPWireless.

AtlasONE is planning to serve 500,000 subscribers on its network by 2005. Using its 2.5GHz spectrum, the company will leverage the "plug and play" IPWireless Mobile Broadband system to deliver fast Internet access and rich multimedia applications to residential and business customers. This solution is non-line-of-sight, allowing subscribers in Malaysia to enjoy the speed, convenience, and ease of broadband in fixed, portable, and mobile environments.

"We selected IPWireless because we believe that its Mobile Broadband system offers the most technically and economically compelling broadband wireless solution, allowing us to bring Malaysia one of the most advanced data networks in the world today," said AtlasONE Chairman Mohammad Badry bin Hanafi.

"Consumers and enterprise customers can benefit from the availability, dependability and affordability of our wireless broadband service, which leverages non-line-of-sight architecture, to stay connected anytime, anywhere."

"The announcement by AtlasONE marks one of the largest commercial broadband wireless deployments to date," said Emmy Johnson, Principal Analyst at Sky Light Research. "Such large scale deployments show that broadband wireless is ready to become a legitimate broadband competitor. With the ease and convenience users want, and economics that operators need, this generation of wireless technology is one to get excited about."

The IPWireless Mobile Broadband system includes a complete network infrastructure based on the UMTS TD-CDMA global standard, pocket-sized wireless desktop modems, and PC cards (PCMCIA) for laptops and PDAs. Because no truck rolls or smart antennas are required, the IPWireless solution is economically attractive and offers an unmatched ease of deployment.

"Combining the power of broadband with the freedom of mobility, IPWireless' Mobile Broadband system will enable AtlasONE to offer customers in Malaysia some of the most advanced data services available in the world today," said Chris Gilbert, chief executive officer, IPWireless.

IPWireless develops the most advanced standards-based wireless technology that will drastically improve the way people around the world connect and communicate at home, at the office, or on the road. With a full range of commercial network solutions and devices, IPWireless allows operators to offer a spectrum of fixed, portable, or completely mobile wireless services with unmatched economics and performance.

The company has had commercial deployments in service for more than a year, trials with 10 of the top 20 global wireless operators, and strategic partnerships and relationships with industry leading companies.

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