Alianza integrates with billing, operations firms Innovative Systems and Azotel

May 24, 2022
Alianza says its partner integration with billing and operations system providers Innovative Systems and Azotel automates provisioning and setup functions, eliminating "swivel chair management."

Alianza, Inc. has this month announced an expansion of its Technology Ecosystem Partner Program that the company says stands to help broadband service providers streamline back-office operations, accelerate time to revenue, and reduce the cost of delivering cloud communications.

By introducing integrations with two leading billing and back-office solutions — Innovative System's eLation and Azotel's SIMPLer — Alianza makes deploying voice services simpler for service providers.

Specifically, the integration with the billing and provisioning systems will allow operators to:

  • Streamline customer account setup and management in the Alianza Admin Portal, including phone number ordering, feature changes, end user password resets, and more.
  • Check and change account status in the billing system.
  • Automate device provisioning with the SIP credentials for the embedded phone ports on optical network terminals (ONTs) and residential gateways from leading broadband vendors.

Leveraging Alianza's API suite, the company says the integrations will enable service providers to streamline management of communications services, safeguard customer data integrity, and eliminat3 the inefficiencies of swivel chair provisioning by automating the time-consuming and routine tasks typically associated with account provisioning and setup.

Alianza adds that its integrations with Innovative Systems and Azotel benefit the companies' joint communications service provider customers by enabling their personnel to enter, update, and retrieve customer information in a single back-office platform that seamlessly integrates with Alianza's cloud communications platform.

Additionally, the company says the integrations provide data and insights within the billing systems, enabling service providers and broadband operators to resolve customer issues faster and easier, improving the end-user experience.

Alianza's new integrations with Azotel and Innovative Systems are available for joint service provider customers. These build upon Alianza's existing billing system partnerships with GLDS, ETI Software, and NISC,

"At Alianza, we are committed to teaming up with industry leaders as well as start-ups to accelerate innovation, simplify operations, and drive revenue growth for our joint customers," said Kevin Mitchell, VP of Alliances and Partners for Alianza. "Our innovative, API-rich platform makes it easy to work with outstanding partners like Innovative Systems and Azotel, who share our focus on integration, to introduce world-class solutions for our service provider and broadband operator customers."

"Like us, Alianza has a keen focus on providing service providers and broadband operators with operational simplification," said John O'Hare, CEO for Azotel. "Their flexible APIs made the integration process easy and quick, and our combined solution will enable our joint customers to scale up their operations quickly and efficiently while providing an overall better customer experience to their end users."

"Innovative Systems is happy to unite eLation with Alianza for seamlessly managing VoIP services for our customer base," said Nathan Knuth, Vice President of Engineering for Innovative Systems. "As service providers are faced with additional regulatory and maintenance costs, using a cloud-based VoIP solution gives operators a convenient approach to providing voice services while reducing the burden on their IT, administrative, and technical staff."

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