Atlantic Broadband reboots as Breezeline

Jan. 11, 2022
In wake of its acquisitions of cable systems in Cleveland and Columbus, OH, the company said a name that only reflects its East Coast roots was no longer appropriate.

Atlantic Broadband (a.k.a Cogeco US, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. [TSX: CCA]), the eighth-largest cable operator in the U.S. and in the midst of an expansion spree, says it now wants to be called Breezeline.

Concurrently, the cable MSO also unveiled Breezeline Stream TV, a cloud-based, web-powered video service offering.

The company says that in the wake of its acquisitions of cable systems in Cleveland and Columbus, OH, a name that only reflects its East Coast roots was no longer appropriate.

“We’re no longer just an East Coast provider, and we’ve long offered much more than broadband, so our company identity must evolve with us,” said Frank van der Post, president of Breezeline. “The name Breezeline marks the beginning of a new, exciting era of transforming our company through new growth, while also elevating the customer experience through enhanced customer care options, innovative products, and investment in the latest technologies.”

The new systems brought the company’s serviceable households and businesses to more than 1.6 million. Breezeline also recently announced a major fiber broadband investment initiative that will see it bring fiber to more than 70,000 additional homes and businesses in New Hampshire and West Virginia.

The new name comes with a new logo. “The Breezeline name was chosen to convey our commitment to providing easy access to connected experiences for our customers,” added Julie Sullivan, vice president of marketing for Breezeline. “The Breezeline logo, a five-point pinwheel, represents our customers and the communities we serve, the innovation and services that enrich customers’ lives, and the elevated experiences we strive to provide in a seamlessly connected world. The pinwheel also implies motion – symbolic of both high-speed connectivity and the ease with which customers can interact with our company and services.”

Breezy news services

Breezeline Stream TV will enable subscribers to access live and recorded programs on “every compatible device in and outside the home,” the company asserts. Breezeline Stream TV will roll out in select markets early this year, with additional markets combing online throughout the year.

The cable MSO says it also plans to launch customer care initiatives that include improved self-service options, a new online experience, and simplified, transparent pricing. Breezeline expects to release a new customer app early this year as well.

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