ATX announces GigaXtend HFC amplifier upgrade wins

March 24, 2021
ATX’s GainMaker-compatible GigaXtend GMC amplifiers provide leading Portuguese cable operator with seamless upgrade to 1.2GHz; and enable Midwest U.S. cable operator Midco to continue to fulfill its customer service goals.

ATX Networks, a global specialist in broadband access and media distribution platforms, on March 23 announced it is supplying NOS, one of Portugal’s top communications and entertainment groups, with outside plant equipment critical to the service provider’s expansion of its HFC network. NOS has selected ATX’s GigaXtend GMC Series of 1.2GHz amplifiers to upgrade its installed base of Cisco 1.2GHz GainMaker amplifiers.

NOS’s selection of GigaXtend GMC amplifiers, which ATX contends are the only authorized GainMaker-compatible products on the market, enables the service provider to upgrade the capacity and performance of its HFC network, while realizing significant reductions in operational costs and complexity. Via the GigaXtend GMC platform, NOS, for example, will not need to retrain technicians or installers, re-design cabinets containing current amps or conduct extensive testing or verification that’s often required with the introduction of new equipment into the network.

A NOS representative said the company is committed to providing its more than 1.54 million fixed broadband customers with the most reliable and fastest high-speed Internet service in Europe. The Portuguese communications and entertainment group is working with ATX to seamlessly upgrade its existing GainMaker amplifiers to bring advanced services quickly to market with minimal operational disruption.

The frequency upgrade provides NOS with the network flexibility and capacity to ensure its customers have access to unrivaled broadband services for years to come.

“ATX is excited to assist one of Europe’s most innovative and environmentally responsible communications service providers with the expansion of its HFC network,” said Jeff Liening, ATX's chief sales officer. “We are working closely with our local partner, REDTEL, to ensure NOS’s outside plant upgrade is as cost efficient and operationally seamless as possible.”

NOS completed field testing of the GigaXtend amplifier in 2020. Deployments begin in early 2021.

Separately on Feb. 10, ATX Networks announced that is providing Midco, a South Dakota-headquartered communications company, with its GigaXtend GMC Series of 1.2GHz Line Extenders and System Amplifiers. Midco embarked on the outside plant upgrade as part of its mission to deliver faster and higher-capacity broadband services to its subscribers, which are spread across Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Midco is a Midwest-rooted company with a stellar reputation for customer service and community outreach, including a charitable foundation that has awarded more than $5 million to non-profits, government organizations and schools in the Midwest since 1987. It currently delivers services to more than 440,000 residential and business customers, with ambitious plans to reach new communities across its service area, including those in remote locations that have been historically underserved by broadband connectivity.

“Midco is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-performing and most-reliable broadband and entertainment services available in the Midwest,” said Midco CTO Jon Pederson. “Partnering with ATX allows us to accelerate the availability of innovative new services today, as well as setting us up to deliver seamless service upgrades in the future.”

ATX notes its GigaXtend GMC family of 1.2GHz amplifiers provides cable operators with a seamless and cost-efficient HFC network evolution path. Via the product, with Cisco GainMaker amplifiers already installed in its network, Midco can avoid the time and expense of retraining technicians and installers, which is often required with the introduction of a new product into the network.

“ATX is pleased to extend our decades-long relationship with Midco by assisting the communications service provider with the expansion of its HFC network,” said Jay Lee, ATX’s chief technology and strategy officer for broadband access. “We share this innovative company’s commitment to closing the digital divide and delivering high-speed broadband services to rural and historically underserved communities.”

Midco started taking delivery of the GigaXtend GMC amplifiers before the end of last year. The GigaXtend 1.2GHz amplifiers are the latest addition to the ATX GigaXtend family of outside plant equipment, which also includes the GigaXtend taps and passives, for enabling a streamlined path to 1.8GHz and potentially higher frequencies with minimum disruption to the outside plant, providing a futureproof investment for operators.

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