Cable-Tec Expo 2020 Virtual Experience opens free registration

July 22, 2020
Presented from Oct. 12-15, Expo 2020 will examine the future of connectivity in a fully interactive experience that enables speakers and sponsors to engage with attendees from all over the world.

SCTE•ISBE announced that it has opened registration for the Cable-Tec Expo 2020 Virtual Experience, an all-digital presentation of the largest annual cable telecommunications and technology tradeshow in the Americas.

From Oct. 12-15, Expo 2020 will examine the future of connectivity in a fully interactive experience that enables speakers and sponsors to engage with attendees from all over the world. Though registration is required, Expo 2020 is free for all attendees, thanks to generous sponsorships from Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications and the SCTE Foundation.

Mark Dzuban, SCTE•ISBE president and CEO, commented, "Cable leaders have repeatedly affirmed Expo's value to the industry. The support of the MSO community and SCTE Foundation has ensured we will not miss out on Expo's learning and networking opportunities this year and allows us to share our signature event with a larger and more diverse audience than ever before. Expo 2020 promises to deliver an invigorating and educational experience for all attendees, as we work toward a future where connectivity and life go hand-in-hand."

Led by co-chairs Tom Monaghan, senior vice president, field operations for Charter Communications and Ed Marchetti, senior vice president, operations for Comcast, Expo 2020 will kick off with a general session featuring a live, experimental demonstration of the power of 10G, cable's next-gen broadband platform, and a CEO panel offering perspectives from several of the industry's largest companies.

Per SCTE•ISBE, additional highlights of the virtual even will include:

  • The Fall Technical Forum, comprised of 40 workshops covering advancements to wireless and 10G, operational transformation, security, lessons learned during the pandemic and more.
  • "Imagine Zone" speakers exploring cable's role in emerging technologies and services – including smart cities and telehealth – and the impact of AI and IoT on telecommunications networks.
  • An interactive vendor showcase highlighting solutions from rising startups and established industry partners.
  • A panel of executive women of color tackling stereotypes, diversity and inclusion presented by WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications) and the SCTE Foundation.
  • Cox Communication's Nancy Murphy leading a learning and development program to help executives tasked with workforce training understand how learning evolves in times of change.

Dzuban continued, "Since the pandemic began, the cable telecommunications industry has kept the world connected with near flawless delivery of broadband services. When remote work, education and entertainment applications placed unprecedented demand on our networks, standards, operational practices and training developed by SCTE•ISBE helped our industry meet the challenge head on. We plan to honor and build upon that tradition of resiliency and innovation at Expo 2020."

SCTE•ISBE announced Cable-Tec Expo 2020 would proceed as a virtual event after the governor of Colorado designated the Colorado Convention Center a temporary medical facility for the remainder of the year. Visit for the most up-to-date information on the event. 

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