IBM joins SCTE•ISBE Explorer Initiative pursuing AI and ML technologies

June 16, 2020
IBM has joined the SCTE•ISBE Explorer Initiative as a member of the project's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) working group.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has joined the SCTE•ISBE Explorer Initiative as a member of the project's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) working group. IBM is the first company from outside the cable telecommunications industry to join the Explorer Initiative.

In the project, IBM will collaborate with subject matter experts from across industries to develop AI and ML standards and best practices. By sharing expertise and insights fostered within their organizations, members will help shape the standards that will enable the wide-spread availability of AI and ML applications.

SCTE•ISBE announced the expansion of its award-winning Standards program in late March 2020 with the introduction of the Explorer Initiative.

As part of the initiative, seven new working groups will bring together leaders with diverse backgrounds to develop standards for applications including AI and ML, smart cities, aging in place and telehealth, telemedicine, autonomous transport, extended spectrum (up to 3.0 GHz), and human factors affecting network reliability.

"Integrating advancements in AI and machine learning with the deployment of agile, open, and secure, software-defined networks will help usher in new innovations, many of which will transform the way we connect," said Steve Canepa, global industry managing director, telecommunications, media & entertainment for IBM. "The industry is going through a dramatic transformation as it prepares for a different marketplace with different demands, and we are energized by this collaboration. As the network becomes a cloud platform, it will help drive innovative data-driven services and applications to bring value to both enterprises and consumers."

SCTE said the Explorer working groups were chosen for their potential to impact telecommunications infrastructure, take advantage of the benefits of cable's 10G platform, and improve society's ability to cope with natural disasters and health crises like COVID-19.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of technology and connectivity to modern society and by many accounts, increased the speed of digital transformation across industries," observed Chris Bastian, SCTE•ISBE senior vice president and CTIO. "Explorer will help us turn innovative concepts into reality by giving industry leaders the opportunity to learn from each other, reduce development costs, ensure their connectivity needs are met, and ultimately get to market faster."

The SCTE•ISBE Standards program known as the only ANSI-accredited standards body in the cable industry and one of the top 10 ANSI-accredited standards developing organizations in the United States. Per an organizational statement, "Founded in 1995, SCTE•ISBE's Standards program is comprised of more than 1,100 experts and 130 member organizations and has been an essential catalyst in the deployment of high-speed broadband, digital television and similar services that have revolutionized communications and entertainment."

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