Cable One touts 99% full gig coverage as it invests in 10G future

Nov. 22, 2021
With investments of more than $770 million over the past five years, the company stated that it is "building a network with the power and capacity to support the digital future of the 1 million+ customers it serves."
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The Cable One family of brands (including Sparklight, Fidelity Communications, ValuNet Fiber and Hargray) on Nov. 18 released a statement affirming that Cable One now offers Gigabit speeds to residential customers across 99 percent of its footprint -- and is further significantly investing in its 10G network to bring about "the next evolution of high-speed internet."

The company in a statement noted it began launching Gig service to residential customers as early as 2016, well before many of its industry counterparts.

As reckoned by Cable One's President and CEO Julie Laulis, "Five years ago, Gig speeds were virtually unheard of in non-urban markets across the U.S. We are proud to have been able to launch Gig service and level the playing field for rural markets where access to affordable, high-speed internet is just as vital as in more urban markets. A fast and reliable internet connection means rural residents can telecommute rather than having to move to find work. It means access to medical care via telehealth services; the ability to achieve a higher education online; and the cultivation of entrepreneurship and economic growth."

Meanwhile, in laying the groundwork for 10 gigabit (10G) speeds – (delivering "internet connectivity more reliable, more secure and 10 times faster than today's networks," observes the provider's statement) – Cable One announced is investing in a new era of innovation that will enrich its subscriber offerings and contribute to the economic development of the hundreds of cities and towns it serves.

With investments of more than $770 million over the past five years, the company stated that it is "building a network with the power and capacity to support the digital future of the 1 million+ customers it serves," as well extending broadband service to areas previously unserved or underserved.

"Gig speed is just the beginning of the story," said Laulis. "We are implementing the upgrades needed to our networks in order to bring multi-Gig symmetrical speeds to our residential customers in the next few years and ensure that we continue to stay well ahead of the consumer consumption curve." 

The road through NCTA and CableLabs leads to 10G

Notably in 2019, Cable One joined the NCTA –The Internet & Television Association, as well as CableLabs and other industry partners in announcing plans to expand beyond current Gig offerings to a more powerful 10G (10 Gigabit) technology platform.

The partners note that CableLabs' release of DOCSIS 4.0 specifications in spring 2021 was a critical step for all ISPs, as it serves as the cornerstone of the industry's 10G platform. DOCSIS 4.0 is designed to hit downstream speeds of up to 10 Gbps, which is twice the download speed of DOCSIS 3.1, and an upstream of up to 6 Gbps - four times faster than the upstream speed of DOCSIS 3.1.

In preparation for the future launch of DOCSIS 4.0 technology, Cable One specifically announced it is:

  • Upgrading its network return path to allow for symmetrical multi-Gig high speed internet service;
  • Reclaiming spectrum used for traditional linear video;
  • Upgrading plant capacity to 1.8 GHz; 
  • Concurrently pushing fiber deeper into neighborhoods to maximize residential bandwidth available, while preparing the network for future capacity enhancements.

"We are actively working to ensure our customers have access to a state-of-the-art network designed to handle future technological advances that will revolutionize the way we do things and lead to groundbreaking changes in communication, health care, education, entertainment and more," Cable One CEO Laulis concluded. "10G will transform the customer experience, creating new possibilities for smart cities, connected homes, virtual and augmented reality and business."

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