HomeGrid Forum elects new president

April 26, 2021
As HomeGrid Forum president, Rosu will lead global efforts to ensure G.hn technology devices meet the needs and expectations of various industries and usages.
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HomeGrid Forum announced that Livia Rosu has been appointed as its new president. With a career spanning 22 years in standardization and silicon development within the telecommunications industry, in the role Rosu will continue to champion the innovation and deployment of G.hn technology across the world.

As HomeGrid Forum president, Rosu will lead global efforts to ensure G.hn devices meet the needs and expectations of various industries and usages. She will continue the push for G.hn technology to become a critical component of a widening portfolio of devices and use cases, including the industrial internet of things (IIoT), connected cars, light communications (Li-Fi) and smart grids.

“I am honored to take over from Dr. Leonard Dauphinee as president of the HomeGrid Forum and will continue to support our distinguished members in accelerating global connectivity rollouts,” said Rosu, who was unanimously elected as president by the HomeGrid Forum board of directors.

Rosu added, “My passion for G.hn as a multi-gigabit technology resides in the importance of ensuring strong network reliability and resiliency that can overcome truly challenging topologies. This is critical in providing consumers and service providers, and those in various industries, with the equipment and technology they need for smooth and agile deployments.”

As recounted by HomeGrid Forum's announcement:

Holding a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Computer Science, Rosu built her career on a solid foundation of the telecommunications industry-wide collaboration framework. She served eight years as Internet Business Development Officer and Head of External Relations for the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).
She led with her resilience, mitigation skills and advocacy of market and technological convergence to aid the establishment of partnerships with key industry alliances and organizations, such as Broadband Forum (BBF), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the IPv6 Forum. She also served as an active contributor on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Internet Society Advisory Council (ISOC-AC) and European Commission committees in charge of open standards and protocols for the IP-connectivity and administration.
Dedicated to the development and standardization of revolutionary technologies, Rosu has spent the last decade as HomeGrid Forum Marketing Work Group Chair and Board member, being a passionate ambassador for G.hn technology. She has been instrumental in unlocking G.hn’s high connectivity potential for the wider broadband industry and has worked tirelessly to foster industry-wide collaboration for many market segments and applications.
Rosu has also led the call for service providers to unite forces to deliver end-to-end broadband connectivity to an ever-increasing portion of the world’s population and was responsible for the GiGAWire Alliance and HomeGrid Forum combining forces to create a global effort committed to compliance and interoperability of G.hn as a critical component of the Fiber to The Extension Point (FTTep) architecture. This initiative is key to accelerating the deployment of high-quality broadband services worldwide through strong collaboration among all industry partners, HGF members and technology innovators.
There is also a high level of synergy between her role as president of the HomeGrid Forum and her role at MaxLinear, where she is crucial in driving forward the company’s competitive positioning and business development strategy with system vendors, service providers and alliances for G.hn-based home connectivity, broadband access deployments and connected devices. Prior to joining MaxLinear, Rosu worked at Marvell Technology supporting G.hn system vendors that required Plug & Play capabilities. Her dedication and work with the HGF Accredited Test Houses accelerated the process of ensuring interoperability and encouraged the system developers to produce record numbers of certified home networking devices for network operator and retail deployments.

“Livia was my top choice to be my successor and I am excited to see where she will take HomeGrid Forum and G.hn technology,” said outgoing HomeGrid Forum president Dr. Leonard Dauphinee. "Backed by the HomeGrid Forum board and Promoter Members, Livia has the complete confidence and support of the entire broadband ecosystem.”

Lean more at www.homegridforum.org.

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