CommScope unveils field cabinet for RFoG deployments

Aug. 7, 2020
The new FDH3000 AgileMax Cabinet simplifies installation without the need for third-party integration, notes CommScope.

CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) this week announced its FDH3000 AgileMax Cabinet for RF-over-Glass (RFoG) deployments. The field installation platform combines CommScope’s AgileMax active optical distribution technology, which prevents Optical Beat Interference (OBI) in RFoG deployments, with its FDH3000 fiber distribution hub and integrated splitter cabinet.

Together, these components enable HFC network operators to easily install the AgileMax platform into an existing Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) location to improve their networks’ upstream and downstream capacity and data speeds.

CommScope notes that its AgileMax is the one of the industry’s most widely deployed technologies for preventing OBI in traditional RFoG architectures. A patented active-splitter platform, it enables operators to deploy high-capacity OBI-free, FTTH networks leveraging existing DOCSIS infrastructure.

The combined system with cabinet leverages CommScope’s vertically integrated portfolio to ensure easy installation of AgileMax in the field. The cabinet supports standard 19-inch rack-mounted equipment using a patented swing frame design that houses the AgileMax product as well as additional passive products for maximum flexibility.

As a result, operators can implement AgileMax as an end-to-end platform without reliance on third-party vendors, thereby lowering capital expenditures and ensuring optimum performance, with a fully tested and integrated solution.

“The FDH3000 AgileMax Cabinet is a turn-key solution for our HFC customers looking to eliminate OBI from their RFoG existing installations and improve network capacity and data speeds,” commented Kevin Keefe, Senior Vice President and Segment Leader, Broadband Networks at CommScope. He added, “It’s a showcase for the efficiencies and strengths of our combined company—integrating components of our legacy businesses to enable better cost savings for our customers as they build out their fiber networks of the future.”

The FDH3000 AgileMax Cabinet will be available this month directly to CommScope customers.

View a product data sheet and learn more about the product.

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