Collaboration creates LTE RAN solution for cable ops

Nov. 14, 2019
Altran (formerly Aricent), Benetel and Phluido ave teamed up to create a disaggregated, multi-organization, containerized LTE RAN reference solution to provide 4G RAN wireless ...

Altran (formerly Aricent), Benetel and Phluido ave teamed up to create a disaggregated, multi-organization, containerized LTE RAN reference solution to provide 4G RAN wireless services over existing cable networks. Working under the guidance of CableLabs, the companies developed the solution as part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) vRAN Fronthaul Project Group and will demonstrate it at this year's TIP Summit in Amsterdam. Launched in February 2016, TIP was started with the goal of accelerating the pace of innovation in the telecom industry.

Containerization of radio access network (RAN) solutions is intended to reduce the requirements of general purpose processor (GPP) CPU cores and memory while still delivering the benefits almost equivalent to that of bare metal solutions over virtual infrastructure. The solution is intended to allow cable operators to leverage DOCSIS networks as a means for fronthaul transport. Cable operators can also reduce capex by using RAN containerization and reusing existing DOCSIS network infrastructure as transport.

As lead integrator in this initiative, Altran employed its LTE RAN software framework based on cloud RAN architecture. The solution implements the 3GPP Option 7-2 split with Altran's LTE layer 3 and layer 2 integrated with Phluido's layer 1 and Benetel's remote radio unit (RRU). The RRU provides a platform to support both 4G and 5G networks. Network equipment providers (NEPs) can monetize the reference solution supported on containers and RRU to provide LTE solutions that leverage existing and future cable networks.

Brian Bronson, president of platforms and solutions at Altran, said: "As 5G starts to proliferate, a growing number of operators are now virtualizing their networks and investing billions in SDN/NFV infrastructure. All our partners have an excellent track record of innovation, and that will translate into operators being able to fundamentally change the way networks are built and at a significantly lower cost. At the same time, the containerization of RAN solutions will help operators to align their 4G and 5G network deployment strategy to future-proof their networks."

Alan Barbieri, CEO of Phluido, said: "Phluido has been at the forefront of the RAN virtualization and open fronthaul interfaces since 2014, and as a pioneer of the open RAN concept, we believe that containerization, hardware-software disaggregation, and open interfaces are key to disrupt the legacy approach to deploy 4G and 5G radio networks. The live reference design showcased at the TIP Summit demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of a multi-vendor virtualized RAN based upon containers and open interfaces, all in addition to the algorithms needed to support fronthaul over DOCSIS networks."

"This is another great example of simplifying and addressing the key adoption drivers for these applications," said Adrian O'Connor, CEO of Benetel. "This creative and disruptive approach is complementing exciting 4G and 5G RRU developments and the ever-increasing market interest for vRAN solutions."        

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