Anevia upgrades CDN for AWS support

March 22, 2018
Anevia has launched the latest version of its NEA-CDN product. The new version, update 4.4, is intended to enable operators to "go virtual" ...

Anevia has launched the latest version of its NEA-CDN product. The new version, update 4.4, is intended to enable operators to "go virtual" with an HVM-based AMI for deployment in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NEA-CDN is designed to enable operators to build their own content delivery network (CDN) within their existing network structure and to reduce load on the network by acting as a shield to protect origin servers from multiple requests. NEA-CDN 4.4 is designed to work with different video qualities up to UltraHD at high frame rates.

NEA-CDN 4.4 features new modules designed to strengthen service and help enforce security. They include an upgraded conditions management module to enable operators to define the conditions that trigger actions based on incoming requests, such as request blocking, redirection or transformation so that users can tailor their CDN response based on any combination of customer location, devices, service requests or URL content.

Security is upgraded with a new token authentication module designed to enable a layer of content protection against DDoS attacks. Access to a CDN can also be granted through a valid token provided by the service platform to prevent users from sharing URLs on the Internet.

NEA-CDN 4.4 is also designed to provide device-aware balancing by tailoring the requested content to the client device to prevent TVs and other devices like tablets fighting for the highest airways when used concurrently. It's intended to ensure that demands by 4k TVs supersede those of mobile devices and guard the UltraHD resolution of the TV from dilution by the demands of mobile devices.

A new operations module makes it possible to modify the incoming request, or the response from the CDN, to improve cache hit ratio, adopt or change requested content or tag IP packets to implement quality of service (QoS) over the network.

David Tencer, product manager for NEA-CDN at Anevia, said: "Making content compatible with all devices is one of the key challenges for today's operators. Our NEA-CDN 4.4 reflects the growing flexibility needed to support 4k content delivery, while still accommodating standard HD output. The result, for the end viewer, will be a seamless and satisfying viewing experience."

Anevia will be showcasing the product at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April.

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