Shaw extends Gigabit download speeds to all residential internet in Alberta, Canada

Aug. 21, 2020
Made possible by billions of dollars in network investments over several years, Shaw says its Fibre+ Gig network tier is the largest deployment of gigabit download speeds for residential internet customers in Western Canada.
"Albertans from Airdrie to Wood Buffalo can now get Shaw's fastest internet tier — Fibre+ Gig — along with an abundance of bandwidth and Western Canada’s best WiFi experience, all powered by Shaw’s Fibre+ network," proclaims a company statement.

Shaw Communications Inc. this month announced that it has become Alberta’s first provincewide internet service provider to offer gigabit download speeds to 100 per cent of its residential customers, following years of investments to upgrade its Fibre+ Gig network. 

“We understand a fast and reliable internet connection is critical for our customers whether they are at home, in the office, or on-the-go, which is why — in Alberta alone — we have invested more than $11 billion over the last seven years in our network and services to keep Albertans connected. By investing in Alberta, we are ensuring people across the province continue to have excellent connectivity today and the bandwidth needed to future-proof their homes for tomorrow,” said Brad Shaw, Executive Chair and CEO, Shaw Communications. 

By completing its latest network upgrade in rural Alberta, Shaw says it now delivers its fastest internet tier, Fibre+ Gig, to every community that it services in more than 100 municipalities and First Nations across the province. Shaw contends its fastest download speeds are more broadly available than those of its Alberta competitors, allowing more families in the province to access and enjoy gigabit download speeds. 

“Alberta’s networks serve as the communications backbone of our entire economy, and that has been reinforced by the realities of the pandemic. Albertans are more reliant on connectivity today than they have ever been before, and broadband networks are now irreplaceable pillars of our economy,” Mr. Shaw continued. 

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney confirmed the importance of strong networks to the province’s economic recovery and prosperity. 

“Shaw is an Alberta success story," he said. "Their commitment to expand high-speed internet access to folks across our province is a tremendous step forward for Alberta. Access to fast and reliable internet connections is more important than ever today — and not just for those living in our province’s biggest cities." Mr. Kenney continued, “Alberta’s Recovery Plan depends on the creativity and innovation of our job creators who have chosen to invest and create prosperity here. That’s why we are so thrilled with this tremendous step forward being made by Shaw to make life better for rural Albertans and the communities they call home.” 

Shaw contends its Fibre+ Gig is the most broadly available plan for gigabit download speeds in all of Western Canada. In addition to all of Shaw’s residential internet customers in Alberta, Shaw’s Fibre+ Gig internet tier is available to more than 99 per cent of Shaw Business customers in the province. “Shaw’s Fibre+ network ensures that customers in Lacombe today can get access to the same Fibre+ Gig speeds that customers in Edmonton and Calgary currently enjoy,” Mr. Shaw noted. 

Per a statement by the operator:

Over the past seven years Shaw has invested a total of over $20 billion in growing Shaw’s Fibre+ network and services, including $11 billion in Alberta, in order to offer customers the bandwidth they need to operate the data-intensive applications that they’ve come to depend on. This need has never been more evident than it is today, as Albertan families and workplaces continue to observe pandemic-related physical restrictions and work from home. In fact, Shaw’s Fibre+ network alone has seen a 160 per cent increase in network traffic related to videoconferencing use since the pandemic. 

Shaw’s Fibre+ network is one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in North America. The operator feeds fiber into every neighborhood it services, allowing customers to access Gigabit speeds, travelling over a 99.9 per cent fiber route, complemented by highly robust and futureproof coaxial cable. 

Shaw Fibre+ residential internet customers get access to Shaw’s suite of in-home technology, including the Shaw Home app to manage WiFi, and the Shaw TV app to access their favorite shows and movies on-the-go, in addition to complimentary access to Shaw Go WiFi network, among the largest in Canada. 

Customers with a Shaw Gateway modem can also add cybersecurity to their plans with Shaw Network Security, and can also merge their WiFi service with Shaw’s TV package, Total TV.

More information about Shaw's Fibre+ Gig offering can be found at

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