MwareTV partners to launch fully managed IPTV service in U.S.

March 15, 2023
Fully cloud-hosted and offered as SaaS, over 200 US national and regional channels will be available with faster time to market, with a single contract to cover all channels

MwareTV, a provider of end-to-end IPTV and OTT middleware software and a cloud-based multi-tenant, white label platform provider, announced it has joined in partnership with a U.S. content provider to deliver a complete one-stop content service for ISPs, multi-dwelling organizations, and other stakeholders in the US. The cooperation means that MwareTV can offer its content management and delivery service including more than 200 national and regional television channels, in a single contract.

The content partnership will allow users to launch their services with a comprehensive range of national and regional television channels, further speeding time to launch, as with MwareTV networks do not have to devote large amounts of management time to identifying and agreeing individual contracts with each channel.

As stated by the provider's press release, with one contract, MwareTV can get a completely tailored, fully branded service online in a matter of weeks.

Value proposition

MwareTV provides a comprehensive television streaming service, in use by broadcasters, network operators and enterprises around the world.

Fully cloud-hosted and delivered as software as a service, MwareTV is billed as including everything the operator needs from subscriber and channel management to the ability to create fully branded bespoke apps for popular devices including iOS, Android, Apple TV, FireTV, Roku, and Samsung and LG smart TVs.

Via the platform's innovative AppBuilder, included as part of the MwareTV platform, user interfaces can be created and tailored without any knowledge of coding.

MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens explained further:

“This is another huge benefit for anyone considering adding a streaming television service. Housing associations and corporate bodies can be daunted both by the technical challenges of setting up streaming, the creative challenges of ensuring it accurately reflects the corporate look and feel, and the legal challenges of securing content at a sensible cost. We can now take all those concerns away, and provide everything from programmes to apps, with no new hardware on premises.

At MwareTV we have broad experience in delivering total solutions for residential multi-unit communities and commercial chains, and we know that they all want to provide the best service, but are wary of getting tied up in legal and technical issues.

Our complete, one-stop operational and content offering takes away these concerns and allows operators to get on with delighting their customers and earning new revenues.”

The MwareTV platform will be demonstrated at NAB 2023, April 16 – 19, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth W1367. For more information, visit

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