Plume, Liberty Latin America partner on Puerto Rico smart home services

Oct. 19, 2022
Liberty Communications of Puerto Rico is the first large-scale deployment of Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform and cloud-driven digital services in Latin America.

Liberty Latin America (LLA) and Plume have just announced a strategic partnership to bring new digital subscriber services to Puerto Rico, with the launch of the new ‘WOWfi powered by Plume HomePass’ service offering to consumers throughout the island.

The platform launch includes the deployment of Plume’s comprehensive SaaS Experience Platform—including Plume’s HomePass Smart Home Services suite and Haystack Support and Operations suite offerings—which leverages the OpenSync open-source silicon-to-cloud framework.

The collaboration includes the adoption and integration of OpenSync into Liberty Puerto Rico’s gateways provided by Adtran, CommScope, and Sercomm, enabling subscribers’ services to be upgraded in the field instantaneously and at a massive scale.

Further, integration of Plume’s services ensures Liberty Puerto Rico will have access to Plume’s sophisticated, data-driven, and proactive support apps, services, and dashboards for insight to enable proactive customer support and total experience management, as reckoned by the company.

The new partnership represents a major deployment of Plume’s services in the Latin American region, building on its global footprint of over 350 service provider customers and more than 43 million locations comprised of homes and small businesses.

Liberty Puerto Rico’s broadband subscribers will have access to Plume’s cloud services which the company, in a press release, contends will "bring unprecedented personalization and control to their smart homes, including flawless adaptive WiFi, robust cybersecurity, presence detection, and advanced user controls, "all delivered through the company's smart home services application, the HomePass app.

The WOWfi powered by Plume HomePass platform offers an expanding suite of smart homes services designed to be self-installed in minutes, enabling Liberty Puerto Rico to massively reduce customer support costs. Key platform features include:

  • Adapt - Adaptive WiFi uses sophisticated AI algorithms to intelligently monitor and optimize in-home networks to deliver flawless internet services to every device.
  • Control - Advanced Access Controls (including age-appropriate content filters) provide unparalleled configuration options that range from viewing network access to granular visibility into what's happening on a user's network.
  • Guard - AI-enhanced cybersecurity detects and blocks potential security threats, customizes content access, provides IoT anomaly detection and device quarantine, and eliminates unwanted ads.
  • Sense - Uses existing WiFi-connected devices to provide whole-home motion awareness in real time for peace of mind and, among many use cases, provides alerts if there is motion when a customer is out of the home.

Plume’s regional VP of sales in Latin America, Esteban Arias, commented:

“For the first time at scale, broadband subscribers in Puerto Rico will have access to unparalleled choice and flexibility. This partnership in Puerto Rico with LLA fuels our global expansion, where service providers must have access to the latest cloud- and AI-driven technologies to deliver new digital experiences at the highest quality and scale.”

Naji Khoury, GM, Liberty Communications of Puerto Rico, concluded:

“Plume’s highly scalable offerings are proven throughout the world and have become the global standard for leading service providers. This partnership is a core pillar of our goal to deliver the most sophisticated and comprehensive services throughout Puerto Rico while delighting our subscribers with the ultimate performance, choice, and superior support.”

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