ATSC 3.0 service launch ushers in 'NEXTGEN TV' for Nevada broadcasters

May 27, 2020
The Advanced Television Systems Committee contends that it is defining the future of television with the ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast standard.

As four broadcasters this week launch NEXTGEN TV service in the Las Vegas market, the Advanced Television Systems Committee on May 26 announced that it is showcasing more than 80 NEXTGEN TV product and technology highlights, via its “Spring 2020 Progress Report” on its newly-launched “Spotlight ATSC 3.0” web page.

“Today marks another milestone in the advance to NEXTGEN TV, with ATSC 3.0 service launching in the Las Vegas market,” commented Madeleine Noland, President of ATSC. "ATSC congratulates Sinclair, Nexstar and E.W. Scripps for this achievement, which ushers in a new era in broadcast technology in Nevada."

Noland continued, "Now that consumers are able to purchase the first NEXTGEN TV receivers, it’s gratifying to see more broadcasters make investments to bring NEXTGEN TV to their viewers. And the television technology industry is strongly endorsing efforts like today’s Las Vegas service launch, and similar broadcasts underway now in Phoenix, Boise, Portland, Santa Barbara, Orlando, and Dallas. Additional stations are coming soon to Portland, Ore., and broadcasters in Pittsburgh, Pa. are now readying broadcasts that are expected to start later this year."

The Advanced Television Systems Committee contends that it is defining the future of television with the ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast standard. ATSC is an international, non-profit organization developing voluntary standards for digital television. The group's 130-plus member organizations represent the broadcast, broadcast equipment, motion picture, consumer electronics, computer, cable, satellite, and semiconductor industries.

“As the standards organization that created ATSC 3.0, we are proud to showcase the substantial efforts underway by more than four dozen companies to support local broadcasters. From transmission equipment to new signal management products and services, to new receivers for consumers, we’re pleased to showcase the latest developments in the Spring 2020 Progress Report on ATSC 3.0, featuring scores of industry highlights organized into nine categories, that is available for free on our website,” added ATSC's Noland.

According to the organization, since first launching two weeks ago in conjunction with the NAB Show Express, more than 2,000 unique visitors have reviewed submissions from ATSC member companies via the report. The latest "Progress Report" is expected to remain available throughout the summer, as more stations initiate service.

“Whether its new equipment, services, or learning opportunities, stakeholders are very interested in ATSC 3.0 – the technology that powers NEXTGEN TV and what will bring together over-the-air broadcasting with over-the-top choices for viewers," concluded Noland. "ATSC 3.0 represents a gigantic leap in functionality, with its Internet Protocol backbone and flexibility to offer 4K Ultra HDTV, High Dynamic Range, immersive audio, more robust signal delivery, and new ‘broadcast internet’ capabilities."

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