SSIMWAVE to debut cloud-based video analysis tool

July 16, 2019
At IBC2019 in Amsterdam in September, SSIMWAVE will debut its SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector, a cloud-based tool intended to optimize video processing and delivery ...

At IBC2019 in Amsterdam in September, SSIMWAVE will debut its SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector, a cloud-based tool intended to optimize video processing and delivery using the human visual system, as well as the science of perceptual video quality measurement.

The SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector is designed to deliver frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel analysis of video content using SSIMPLUS' ability to predict and score perceptual video quality of experience (QoE) by mimicking actual human vision. SSIMWAVE also will be discussing the technology, business and market impact of the company's technology, as well as practical use cases for identifying and correcting macroblocking, video freezes and other quality impairments.

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector use cases include encoder evaluation, building profile ladders and configuring transcoders.

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector is designed to help video architects and engineers create the most effective encoding and processing workflows for on-demand content, and to inform technology purchasing and configuration decisions. The new product is designed to support quality adjustments on a per-title or per-service basis, allowing high-value content to be delivered at highest possible quality levels, while animation and lower-value content can be optimized for more efficient delivery.

Booth demos will include:

  • The ability of SSIMPLUS' pixel-by-pixel evaluation to produce a Subscriber Score that rates quality on a consistent scale of 0-100
  •  "Quality maps," black-and-white, pixel-by-pixel depictions of any given frame to provide insight into where image deterioration is occurring
  • How SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector expedites identification of the best encoder configuration for different pieces of content including resolutions, devices, dynamic range, frame rates and other factors
  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector's ability to evaluate encoders based on objective performance measurement, enabling for example, the choice of an encoder earning a SSIMPLUS score of 82 at 2.8 Mbps over one with a 79 score at 4.5 Mbps

"As the OTT services explosion continues, keeping consistent video quality for your subscribers and optimizing costs will be two of the major factors for differentiating the successful services from the rest," said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO of SSIMWAVE. "SSIMPLUS' objective score that mimics the accuracy of 100,000 human eyes puts a powerful tool into the hands of everyone involved in making decisions that impact video quality, from engineering professionals at source locations to CFOs tasked with making buying decisions."

The American Society of Cinematographers has chosen SSIMWAVE for a joint project on HDR and how to preserve creative intent in the new world of IPTV and complex workflows.        

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