Lucent receives Acterna's first ANT-40G 40Gbit/s optical tester

10 January 2003 -- Acterna has delivered an ANT-40G network tester to Lucent's facility in Nuernberg, Germany, for ensuring that the functionality of all 40Gbit/s network element features meet quality and industry standards.

10 January 2003 -- Acterna has delivered an ANT-40G network tester to Lucent Technologies in Nuernberg, Germany.

Lucent's Nuernberg facility, which develops high-speed transmission systems, will use the tester to ensure that the functionality of all network element features of its new optical products or services meet quality and industry standards before release to the public.

The ANT-40G was launched to allow equipment vendors to shorten product development timelines and decrease time to revenue by verifying that prototype optical network components, including boards, systems and interfaces, are properly designed and are compliant with industry standards.

"Manufacturers must ensure that their 40Gbit/s network elements meet their own internal specifications and the recommendations of international standardisation bodies such as ITU-T, ANSI and Telcordia," said Guido Frangenberg, VP of marketing for Acterna's Optical Transport division.

Lucent will be using the portable ANT-40G during the hardware engineering and system integration phases of its product development and analysis, and to test components that will be fitted into the company's system. It will also use the tester in the field to verify correct installation and integration of these elements into the networks of major carriers worldwide.

The ANT-40G optical network tester is one of the first available compact and portable solutions that can be physically taken out into the field. Additional features include the ability to run automatically and be controlled remotely.

Performing tests with the ANT-40G helps locate network problems early in the installation process, preventing the costly process associated with fixing network malfunctions.

In March 2002 Lucent also took delivery of the first Acterna ONT-50 10.7G tester.

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