Corning and StroyTransGaz cooperate on Russian telecoms projects

8 January 2003 -- Moscow-based OAO StroyTransGaz and Corning Cable Systems GmbH are to cooperate on building telecoms networks as part of oil and gas projects in Russia and the CIS.

8 January 2003 -- Moscow-based oil and gas engineering construction firm OAO StroyTransGaz and Corning Inc subsidiary Corning Cable Systems GmbH & Co have entered into a co-operation agreement related to building telecoms networks as part of oil and gas projects in Russia and countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The agreement does not commit either party to any supply, purchase or financial obligations, but sets out arrangements for potential future opportunities in which Corning Cable Systems could provide fibre-optic cable as well as hardware and equipment, technical support and project services to StroyTransGaz.

"Direct communications with the leading western companies allow us to bring a comprehensive approach to the customer's requirements, from the network design to the turnkey projects, while also ensuring high quality and reliability," said Leonid Bokhanovsky, first vice president of StroyTransGaz.

"We view this as a first step towards establishing a long-term relationship with a leading Russian oil and gas engineering construction firm," said Joerg Grigo, marketing manager for Corning Cable Systems. "We intend to work closely as a consultant to, and a partner with, StroyTransGaz."

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