LambdaNet completes metro network in Copenhagen

June 11, 2003
11 June 2003 Hannover, Germany Lightwave Europe--LambdaNet Communications has completed its 15th European metro area network (MAN) in Copenhagen - one of the busiest network nodes in Northern Europe.

11 June 2003 Hannover, Germany Lightwave Europe--LambdaNet Communications, the pan-European supplier of telecommunications and Internet services, has completed its 15th European metro area network (MAN) in Copenhagen, one of the busiest network nodes in Northern Europe.

In addition to the MAN, built under a dark-fibre agreement with Global Connect, LambdaNet has connected four data centres in Copenhagen to its network, providing local and international data routes into and out of the Danish capital. Connectivity to the Danish Internet Exchange Point DIX and the InterXion data centre, among others takes the number of European data centres connected to the LambdaNet network to over 50.

With the addition of the Copenhagen metro network, LambdaNet can now offer its extensive portfolio of reliable, flexible telecommunications services � ranging from bandwidth, wavelength and Internet transit services through to VPNs � to a number of identified wholesale customers looking to satisfy the increased demand for metro services in the region.

The addition of the Copenhagen MAN reflects LambdaNet's strategy of only expanding its network to areas where there is significant customer demand, and therefore revenue opportunities.

"A combination of the Copenhagen MAN and connectivity to four important data centres in the Danish capital has reinforced LambdaNet's presence in Denmark and expanded its potential customer base for reliable IP-/SDH-based connections.

"By increasing connectivity in Denmark we continue to work towards our ultimate objective of connecting all major European data centres via LambdaNet's powerful IP network," says Bernie Smedley, CEO at LNG Holdings S.A.

"GlobalConnect is honoured to be the chosen supplier for the network in Copenhagen and we look forward to the future cooperation," says GlobalConnect CEO Niels Zibrandtsen.

LambdaNet Communications
Connecting key European data centres and more than 100 cities in 11 countries, LambdaNet's 22,000-km fibre and IP network is one of the most powerful and closely woven networks in Europe, servicing more than 230 customers.

Its European customer base is stable, serving a broad range of telecommunications operators (telcos, voice/access, mobile, ISP, ASP and CATV) including Vodafone D2, Cable & Wireless and Telia within Europe and into the East Coast of the USA.

Additionally, LambdaNet operates Metropolitan Area Networks in fifteen European centers of business - London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasburg, Lyon, Madrid, Vienna, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Copenhagen. LambdaNet Group offers traditional transport services (wavelength, bandwidth and collocation services) and delivers higher value services that include advanced IP transport.

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