HighWave announces improved quarter sales of EUR 0.8 million

22 July 2003 Lannion, France Lightwave Europe -- Highwave Optical Technologies has announced its sales figures for the first quarter of 2003/2004. Revenue of EUR 800,000 showed a sequential growth of 33%.

22 July 2003 Lannion, France -- Highwave Optical Technologies, a supplier of active fibre based devices for DWDM systems has announced itssales figures for the first quarter of 2003/2004, ended 30 June. Revenue of EUR 800,000 showed a sequential growth of 33%.

In a competitive quarter breakdown of revenue by product category (as a share of total revenue), sales of optical amplifiers were steady at 76% (75%), special optical fibres were up to 12% (8%), but component sales were down to 12% (16%). Services and merchandise business in Q4 2002/3 and Q1 2003/4 was negligible.

Figures for revenue by region revealed that Highwave's EMEA business was steady: 30% of total (32%); at 2%, North America had all but ceased to buy anything from Highwave (18%); while Asia-Pacific's share rose to 68% (50%).

François Leraillez, Highwave's CEO, said, "Growth in our sales figures has been steady over the past three quarters and it demonstrates the success of our Asian trade policy. Our presence in Asia continues to gain in strength via our distribution network and our sales agents.

"In a difficult economic environment, where the survival of the optical amplification business is at stake, Highwave is developing tomorrow's amplification technologies and winning new clients."

Highwave Optical Technologies
Highwave Optical Technologies supplies active fibre-based components and sub-systems for the telecom Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems, fibre laser industry, fibre-optic sensor and defence markets.

Since its inception in 1998, the Company has emerged firstly in the telecom market, as one of the leading international providers of optical amplifiers and components to some of the world's major telecom equipment manufacturers.

Further information is atwww.highwave-tech.com

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