Sycamore delivers 1024x1024 grooming switch fabric for the SN 16000 intelligent optical switch

June 6, 2001
June 6, 2001--Sycamore Networks, a provider of intelligent optical networking, announced the availability of its large grooming version of the SN 16000 intelligent optical switch.

Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR), a provider of intelligent optical networking, announced the availability of its large grooming version of the SN 16000 intelligent optical switch. The SN 16000 is able to scale to a 1024 x 1024 OC- 48/STM-16 switch fabric with full grooming capabilities, provide dual network aware control planes and offer voice quality restoration. Currently shipping in a 512 x 512 OC-48/STM-16 or 128 x 128 OC- 192/STM-64 configuration, the SN 16000 is the highest density optical grooming switch available, according to the company. These features offer incumbent and emerging carriers the industry's best mix of capacity utilization and advanced features in a space-saving form-factor.

Carriers using grooming optical switches are able to maximize available resources, revenues and minimize additional investments in existing infrastructures. Capable of supporting a 1024 x 1024 switch fabric, the SN 16000, on display at Sycamore's SuperComm Booth (#2530), offers full grooming capabilities down to the STS-1/AU-3 level through OC-192/STM-64 and allows for automatic recognition and switching for all standard SONET/SDH concatenation rates. The automation is enabled with the introduction of dynamic channelization a new soft-optic feature that allows service providers to increase network and operator efficiency by automating end-to-end service provisioning. This capability results in significant savings in both equipment and resources.

Sycamore's SN 16000 continues to leverage the intelligence of the BroadLeaf Network Operating System (NOS), Sycamore's node-resident software platform, for optical routing and signaling control. The SN 16000 optimizes the use of available network resources by leveraging BroadLeaf's optical insight to understand protection and restoration schemes, Virtual Private Network (VPN) assignments, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and capacity allocations. BroadLeaf's open, IP-centric architecture supports both current and emerging optical signaling standards such as GMPLS and OIF UNI 1.0 to ensure interoperability with other networked devices.

The SN 16000 achieves true network awareness by sharing BroadLeaf's optical insight throughout the entire network, with the use of a dual control plane. The dual control plane (in-band and out-of-band) protects critical configuration and management information, ensuring it remains intact even if a circuit fails. This feature not only allows Sycamore's SN 16000 to optimize available network resources and call up additional bandwidth as needed, it also allows seamless integration in multi-vendor networks, regardless of topology.

Additional software enhancements enable the SN 16000 to offer sophisticated levels of protection and restoration options regardless of network topology. Options such as tiered levels of protection, guaranteed diverse paths and sub-50 millisecond SONET/SDH-level restoration not only provide operational savings, but also allow for service differentiation and the creation of new revenue streams.

Offering intelligent optical transport, switching and management solutions from the edge through the core of the public network, Sycamore's solutions can be used as a foundation for a fundamentally new network architecture -- mesh, or as a bridging technology to help service providers enhance their existing ring- based architectures. Added to the host of unprecedented features already available, the SN 16000 enables carriers to maximize their networking resources while addressing new customer demands for high-speed, data optimized services.

About Sycamore Networks:

Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR) develops and markets intelligent optical networking products that transport voice and data traffic over wavelengths of light. For more information, visit

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