Sycamore Networks announces portfolio of network planning and design applications

Oct. 11, 2001--Sycamore Networks, a provider of intelligent optical networking, announced SILVX InSight, an integrated application suite that automates the network planning and design cycle of Intelligent Optical Networks.

Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR), a provider of intelligent optical networking, announced SILVX InSight, an integrated application suite that automates the network planning and design cycle of Intelligent Optical Networks. SILVX InSight is designed to streamline the network planning process and simplify the complexities of designing, planning, deploying, and extending optical networks. Comprised of four distinct software applications, SILVX InSight provides carriers with the tools necessary to create a dynamic and flexible Intelligent Optical Network and predetermine how that network will perform under real-world conditions.

SILVX InSight is fully integrated with the SILVX Network Management System (NMS)-Sycamore's cohesive management platform that transforms the optical network into an intelligent, highly scalable foundation for enhanced service delivery. Sycamore is the first optical networking vendor to incorporate a full suite of network planning and design applications with a network management solution, which provides carriers with an integrated tool for importing and exporting network data to further optimize and simplify the design process.

By integrating SILVX InSight with SILVX NMS, the planning and design tools are automatically linked to live networks via Silvx Network Exchange Software (NES)-the bridge between the network and SILVX InSight. This high-performance middleware application supports the network planning process, allowing network planners to capture a baseline snapshot of a proposed network automatically and use that baseline to determine the best way to scale the network based on forecasted demand. Silvx NES helps carriers realize revenues faster by integrating planning and operations functions and decreasing circuit turn-up time.

Through the combination of service creation and network emulation tools, SILVX InSight increases operational efficiencies while decreasing time-to-market and time-to-revenue. SILVX InSight offers four distinct software products:

* Silvx Network Optimization Application (NOA): An optical switch network tool that allows network planners to optimize network performance, availability and cost. Models derived from the Silvx NOA provide a technical and financial framework for network resource dimensioning and placement.

* Silvx Transport Design Application (TDA): An optical transport design and validation tool that automates circuit grooming, wavelength planning, amplifier placement, and dispersion management.

* Silvx Network Emulator: The Silvx Network Emulator is comprised of two software components, the Silvx Network Emulation Server and the BroadLeaf Node Emulator. BroadLeaf emulation software provides accurate modeling of network functionality and performance in a low-cost test environment.

* Silvx Design Analysis Application (DAA): A system configuration tool that enables users to price a network quickly and accurately, plan space and power requirements, and develop a Bill of Materials (BOM).

SILVX InSight minimizes the risk of implementing next-generation optical networking equipment and architectures by allowing carriers to analyze cost and performance tradeoffs quickly, proactively assess the impact of new bandwidth demands and services, and validate network designs accurately. Using sophisticated network planning applications, service providers now have the ability to emulate and simulate network design. These applications allow carriers to run test and impact studies for network configurations that are critical to delivering services from the Intelligent Optical Network.

About Sycamore Networks:

Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR), an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, develops and markets intelligent optical networking products that transport voice and data traffic over wavelengths of light. For more information, visit

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