360networks lights up European fiber optic network

Feb. 22, 2001
Feb. 22, 2001--360networks announced that it has lit 6,100 kilometers (3,800 miles) of its European fiber optic network.

360networks announced that it has lit 6,100 kilometers (3,800 miles) of its European fiber optic network. Spanning the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Holland, this network segment will soon provide seamless connectivity between 16 major cities including London, Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

A 3,000 kilometer (1,900 mile) section of the European network in Germany is ready for commercial service, pending German regulatory approval. The remaining sections in Western Europe are scheduled to enter service next month, while 360atlantic — the transatlantic cable between Europe and North America — is scheduled for service by the second quarter.

In addition, 360networks plans to light up a 3,000 kilometer (1,900 mile) segment connecting Denmark, Norway and Sweden in May. The entire 19,300 kilometer (12,000 mile) European network is on schedule to enter commercial service by the end of this year.

The initial bandwidth capacity of this network segment will be on average 60 gigabits per second. The capacity can be increased up to 9.6 terabits per second, based on customer demand. To ensure optimum network performance, 360networks' European Networks Operation Center in Maidenhead, United Kingdom monitors the company's global network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Globally, 360networks is deploying a fiber optic mesh network that provides scalability and flexibility. The advanced architecture enables the company to introduce new services and revenue streams more quickly, as well as provision services in hours — compared to the weeks it may take other carriers with traditional ring network architectures. 360networks also lights only the portions of the network it requires, resulting in greater efficiency and lower costs.

About 360networks:

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