Dell'Oro: 10G Ethernet network adapter market suffers first decline

MARCH 5, 2009 -- The report indicates that the decline was broad-based.

MARCH 5, 2009 -- According to a newly published report by Dell'Oro Group (search Lightwave for Dell'Oro), the 10-Gbps Ethernet network adapter market experienced its first sequential decline in the fourth quarter of last year. The report indicates that the decline was broad-based, affecting adapter card port shipments and revenues, as well as controller unit shipments.

"Despite the most recent quarterly decline, we anticipate strong growth in 10-Gbps Ethernet server connectivity in 2009," said Seamus Crehan, vice president at Dell'Oro Group. "Much of this growth should be driven by server blades where we are seeing increased traction for embedded-10 Gigabit Ethernet ports," Crehan added.

The Dell'Oro Group Network Adapters Quarterly report offers tables covering 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapter cards (by manufacturers' revenue, port shipments, and average selling prices) and silicon controllers (by unit shipments).

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