Lexent delivers dark fiber network to Telx

JUNE 2, 2009 -- Telx provides Metro Cross Connect Service between between its New York area collocation facilities.

JUNE 2, 2009 -- Lexent Metro Connect, a provider of dark fiber networks in the New York metropolitan area, has deployed a secure and redundant dark fiber optical network for Telx (search Lightwave for Telx), a domestic interconnection and collocation data center operator. The dark fiber network links Telx facilities at 60 Hudson Street and 111 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The network supports the Telx Metro Cross Connect service that provides TDM and Ethernet connectivity at various speeds between Telx's New York area collocation facilities.

"New York-based financial institutions, media companies, and enterprise businesses, located in the epicenter of the global banking and media capital of the world, demand significant amounts of connectivity and capacity in collocation and interconnection facilities like Telx," says Ray La Chance, chief executive officer of Lexent Metro Connect. "Because Lexent owns and maintains its dark fiber network and has a dedicated force of service professionals who monitor and maintain the network 24x7, we provide Telx not only a dark fiber extension of its key interconnection facilities but an experienced and well-trained team that can guarantee Telx and its customers one of the highest levels of network reliability in the market."

Lexent Metro Connect's dark fiber footprint provides connectivity between the Telx collocation facilities at 60 Hudson Street and 111 8th Avenue, as well as to more than 90 enterprise buildings in and around the New York metro area. This provides Telx customers -- especially large banks and media firms where network downtime can mean lost revenue -- an added layer of redundancy and reliability.

"Leveraging Lexent's dark fiber network allows Telx and its customers to create physically diverse and low-latency networks that meet both their present and future needs," says Mike Terlizzi, executive vice president, engineering and operations, of Telx. "For the financial executive working on the trading floor, downtime is simply not an option. With partners like Lexent, Telx's Metro Cross Connect Service is ensuring the optimal network performance and interconnections that its customers, particularly those in the financial services sector, require to remain competitive and compliant."

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