Occam unveils new operating system

FEBRUARY 10, 2009 -- Occam Networks Inc. has introduced a new operating system that manages the complete range of its BLC 6000 Copper, Gigabit Ethernet, and GPON products.

FEBRUARY 10, 2009 -- Occam Networks Inc. (search Lightwave for Occam) has introduced a new operating system that manages the complete range of its BLC 6000 Copper, Gigabit Ethernet, and GPON products. Occam OS 6.1 integrates a wide range of Occam's advancements in copper and optical broadband technologies to provide a single, fully integrated platform to deploy next-generation broadband networks.

"Increasing subscriber demand for high-speed broadband services requires ongoing evaluation of emerging technologies by service providers. The transition to optical access happens in stages and as a result, a single network will have varying levels of performance and flexibility demands," said Juan Vela, director of solutions marketing and strategy at Occam Networks. "This new operating system is ideal for providers migrating from all copper to a mixed copper/fiber or all-fiber network because the flexibility inherent in the platform allows them to reduce operating costs, minimize 'time to revenue,' and create new revenue streams."

Occam says its OS 6.1 delivers the following key features in a completely integrated platform:

  • Occam OS 6.1 maintains a high level of performance in GPON environments where service providers are maximizing available bandwidth to end-users. This is achieved by incorporating dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) to enable oversubscription of both upstream and downstream PON bandwidth. The platform also incorporates QoS techniques that assure bandwidth for a given subscriber or service under DBA oversubscribed conditions.
  • To further optimize the ADSL2+ connection for transporting loss-sensitive traffic such as IPTV and VoIP, Occam's ADSL2+ products now simultaneously support Seamless Rate Adaption (SRA) and physical layer retransmission features to guarantee the best performance in a spectrally noisy environment.
  • With all lifeline POTS blades and FTTP ONTs now supporting Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) signaling in Occam OS 6.1, providers can seamlessly interface to MetaSwitch softswitch products for packet voice switching. The Occam architecture carries all voice traffic as VoIP from subscriber to central office and vice versa, the company says.
  • Select DS1 interfaces in the BLC 6000 and ONT product lines now support PWE3 (pseudowire emulation edge-to-edge) standards.
  • Call Admission Control (CAC) capability is incorporated in Occam OS 6.1 to honor service-level agreement (SLA) contracts found in Occam's GPON products. The CAC function is designed to ensure the DBA software added to Occam's GPON products meets quality of experience (QoE) expectations of end users.
  • Occam OS 6.1 employs a suite of IP Security Management (IPSM) features applied to all Occam broadband products â�� DSL, GPON, and Gigabit Ethernet FTTP. The IPSM software suite configures the BLC 6000 to control packet admission to the access network and distinguishes trusted from un-trusted and/or unnecessary traffic. The OS takes action automatically based on Occam recommended standards and best practices.

Occam OS 6.1 will be available June 2009.

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